The Obstacles

So here’s what we’re facing:

Spinal surgery tomorrow to close the lesion (they’re guessing L4-L5).

Shunt surgery to drain fluid on the brain Friday.

Will learn how to catheterize him before we take him home at the end of next week.

Both feet need casting as they’re slightly turned in. Not sure when; least of their worries.

I’m feeling sore, tired and irritated by all the arm bands and my IV, but otherwise doing well. Joey was a rock star today.






26 thoughts on “The Obstacles

  1. Ash, I’m so proud of you and Joey! This little fighter has a long road ahead, but there’s a whole team standing strong behind him! You’re going to be a FANTASTIC mom! I only wish we were closer so you could have one more person to lean on! But, we’re so happy you’ve started the blog–makes the distance seem just a little bit shorter. Know that we’re all praying for Finn’s health. Mom is printing out your blog and has said she’s going to bring her phone over to Bunn and Bopp’s tonight to show them the picture Chad posted. We love you all so very much and will continue to pray for Finn, for his doctors and nurses, for your speedy recovery and for your journey ahead as a family.

    Love you!!!

  2. Oh sweet friends. We love you do much and are praying for you non-stop. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. It’s just wonderful to know what specifically we can pray for. Love you and Finn to the moon and back! Cannot wait to see his sweet face!

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on sweet Finn. Praying you recovery quickly from your c-section… I thought my recovery was MUCH easier than some of my friends who didn’t have a c-section- go figure! Welcome to parenthood, we love you guys!

  4. Ashley, Finn has the most perfect little face. I love his cheeks and lips!
    I will pray for rest and a rapid recovery for you. I will be praying for Finn’s procedures.
    God has prepared you and He will continue to guide and provide for everything you need. God is so good and He will use Finn to show you his goodness!
    Love you, friend!

  5. He couldn’t look more perfect. Y’all will continue to be in my prayers. You are a strong person and from what I see of Joey, you guys are going to rock this.

  6. He is just as good-looking as I imagined he would be. I love that round little face. He is 100% precious. We will be praying for the three of you and your team of doctors and nurses who will walk with you through these next several days. We will be praying for peace, clarity, and assurance of hope for the future.

  7. He is adorable. Grace wants to look at him over and over. And we are having a deep discussion about his lips. I will keep praying for him, the doctors, and you two. Thank you for letting us in to your world. We will come visit when it is ok to do so.

  8. He is so precious!!! I have to tell you when I brought his pic to Bunn & Bopp they teared up and were wishing they could see him. Thank you so much for posting pictures and sharing. Joey, thank you for being a rock star!!! You all are loved so much.

  9. He is beautiful. I am praising God for your sweet miracle. I am praying for his spinal surgery today. I pray for healing hands and quick recovery and loving care from doctors and nurses. I pray for your recovery and strength for all three of you. You are loved by so many.

  10. Finn is adorable! I wish we could see him in person. Though we are miles away, our love is there with you, all of you, and we are praying for you. Thank you for this site – it is so nice to see your pictures and get updates. Love & hugs from MInnesota!

  11. Congrats! He is adorable. Sending prayers your way as I type. Praying that you get strong quickly, so you can care for that sweet baby boy.

  12. We love the name of your sweet fighter! Finn. It’s perfect. And he’s beautiful. Sending our love to the precious ArmSTRONG family!

  13. Finn is precious! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Praying for both of you to find peace and comfort. Praying for wisdom beyond our understanding for all the medical staff that cares or operates on little Finn.

  14. He will become the perfect symbol of your invincible summer.
    He will always be as safe as he was inside you.
    He is chosen. He is loved. He is His.
    and you, you are my hero.

  15. Ashley, Finn looks sweet as can be. Joey is my hero and your Huckleberry (if you will). Love is the answer no matter the question. Take care.

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