The Mighty Finn

Three hours behind schedule, the VP shunt surgery is finally finished. Finn has a valve implanted about an inch behind his little perfect ear and an incision next to his belly button where they redirected the brain fluid to his abdomen. It’ll take a few days to get him off pain meds and get to know the un-sedated Finn, but we’re on the road to recovery. The swelling in his head has even begun to slightly subside. He is breathing on his own and recovering like a champ. The neurosurgeon came to our room to give report and even brought us a bit of black “peach fuzz” from his head where they had to shave it. I think (hope) he’ll have black hair like daddy.

Seeing his shunt incision in the recovery room made this all very real. This was not a surgery to repair skin. This was major. Finn now has a permanent synthetic apparatus in his body. This is life-long. Mighty Finn reassured me everything will be okay though, as he squeezed my finger and wouldn’t let go. Melted my heart.

I am discharged tonight and we’ll begin visiting Finn throughout the days. Not sure when they’ll let him come home with us. Cannot wait.

THANK YOU for your prayers. We felt them. Please continue as Finn begins to heal.


16 thoughts on “The Mighty Finn

  1. Oh thank you for sharing! You are precious to keep us posted. We will continue to pray. I cannot imagine having to leave him and go home.

  2. Thanks for the update! I’ve been thinking about you guys all day and waiting to find out how little Finn did. He is amazing! You’re still in my prayers. I hope you both recover quickly!

  3. So thankful that this surgery is behind you and am praying that Finn will recover quickly so that you can hold him nonstop and spoil him rotten! He is adorable and has that “hold me and cuddle me” look that grandparents recognize instantly! Hope you feel the prayers and love flooding your way!

  4. Oh happy day! Now I can breathe a little easier. Thank you Lord! Might Finn. Isn’t that a song or something? If not it should be. Still praying, btw. Love you three!!

  5. SO happy that he did well through his surgery and that he is showing you that he is such a fighter! I’m so proud of you Ashley and I can’t wait to see you mother Finn! Praying that they manage his pain well and that you get some sweet skin to skin time.

  6. This was an encouraging post to read. Not only is Finn a champ but his parents are too. We are still praying and thinking of you guys throughout this whole ordeal.
    Finn is fearfully and wonderfully made and nothing surprises God. No matter what Finn will be who God has planned for him to be and you guys have been chosen to care for him.

  7. Praise the Lord the surgery is done and seems to be helping. Continuing to pray, know it will be hard to go home tonight without him but very soon you will be bringing home. I’m praying for rest and strength for all of you. Thank for sharing your heart, you are such an inspiration.

  8. I think “Mighty Finn” suits your little champ! I’m so glad that Finn is affirming his strong connection with his perfect mommy! Praying that you’ll continue to “be joyful in hope and patient in affliction.”

  9. That was just one of the many “melt your heart” moments to come. Finn is blessed to have such loving parents. Thank you for the updates. I hope you can feel the prayers all the way from Robinson.

  10. Blessed be His name!
    Exactly what I prayed Thursday night, asking on Mighty Finn’s behalf!
    Blessed be His name!
    Have a little army praying down here. Can’t wait to pass on the praise.
    Loving you, Joey & Finn this day!!

  11. Ashley, I just came across your blog. You’re honesty is humbling and encouraging. We’re praying for your little man today, and pleading with the Father to heal.

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