A Week of Life

Today Finn has been alive one week. Woohoo! Praise the Lord for life! March 5th is also my dad’s birthday, Papa Mike. Two very brave, unique men.

A week ago today, we were scared out of our minds. Afraid of the unknown, of wheelchairs, catheters and foot casts. Now a likely reality, these scary things feel more like a nuisance than a disaster. We are sad and disappointed, but not miserable. “Struck down but not destroyed” 2 Cor. 4:9.

A week ago today we knew well our love for each other but didn’t know the inexplicable love for a child.

A week ago today we hadn’t fully experienced the strength and support that community brings. Our close friends and family have been our rock. It’s the way we feel God’s love most tangibly these days. We’ve also experienced encouragement even from strangers…also some odd stories and unhelpful feedback, but mostly encouragement.

A week ago today our families were missing one important person. One member of the family who will bring a unique perspective, perhaps some tenacity and relentless strength.

A Quick Update:

  • Finn is FUSSY today! They are weaning him off pain meds and he’s acting more like a typical baby.
  • When he feels a jolt of pain, he makes his fists into a tight ball, gathering all the strength he can. To provide some comfort, we have him hold Joey’s finger in one fist and mine in the other. When the pain comes, he grips us tightly in unison.
  • Two good neurological signs: he’s showing signs of hunger as we feed him more breast milk, and he’s got a great sucking reflex (on the pacifier and the doctor’s finger). They won’t let him come to the breast yet. Boo.
  • Head circumference is down another .5 cm.
  • All stitches and lesions are healing well.

Please keep praying for pressure to release from the brain, that brain matter has room to expand and make him smart, and that he keeps digesting all the breast milk so they’ll let me breast feed. We still need to cast his feet, circumcise him and get him to comfortably lie on his back before they’ll let us go home.



15 thoughts on “A Week of Life

  1. Thank you so much for these updates. It helps us to know how to pray. You guys are awesome and will be wonderful parents for Finn. Can’t wait to see him and hold him. We love you!! Prayers are going up daily from the Dundee household.

  2. Ashley and Joey,
    We appreciate your keeping the blog so we know what you are facing. We praise the Lord for all good reports! We know healing and growth and development seems to come slowly for these little ones. The people working in the NICU are a very special group of people as you know. They will help you be prepared for the day you take Finn home. We pray for complete healing for him and for strength and patience for you and your extended family!
    Love to all,
    Linda and Tollie

    • Thank you for updates….praying all the time….You guys got it…With the strength of the Lord and community…and the love of a family…it is unspeakable and unimagineable what you, Joey, and Finn will do…
      God’s words in scripture are always amazing….
      Love you,

  3. I thought about this being one week this morning! Wow! I love how different things seem this week. God is so good. We are continuing to pray for all of you….wishing so badly we could stop by and see you all, love on you and see your faces. Please keep the updates coming!

  4. Dear Armstrongs:
    I am praying and thinking of you continuously throughout each day. You are in my heart and mind….thanks for the blog and letting us know how and for what to pray. God is always with us….He is tenderly watching over Finn each and every moment.
    In Him, Sarah Redwine

  5. I have never known a baby that has touched so many lives in one week. Joey and Ashley you have a powerful thing it that little baby Finn. He is doing things for Christ right now and so are you. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. Finn and both of you are in our prayers throughout each day.
    Love, Rob and Amy Arrington

  6. A parents love is like no other. Your mighty Finn has touched the hearts of many. We are all praying for continued healing and decreased swelling. We are also praying for you and Joey.

  7. It’s good to keep up with your journey through your blog. Thank you for being so frank and forthright about what you’re feeling and experiencing—-and about Finn’s progress. We’re praying for all of you, and for the doctors and other caregivers.
    David & Linda Hopper

  8. Finn gets to experience first hand, everyday the love you two have to share. Lucky boy! I imagine he will impart generous amounts of wisdom along the way. Take care friends.

  9. Ashley and Joey, I am falling for little Finn with your very descriptive blog updates. I pray for his pain to go away and for the swelling in his head to go down. Day by day I know that you see the hand of God working in Finn’s life and in yours.

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