In Da Crib

Today’s light has made up for yesterday’s darkness.

Here are some highlights:

  • Our nurses are amazing! We’ve overall had a great experience at OU Children’s NICU. Yesterday was an anomaly.
  • Finn graduated to a crib! No more warmer bed, as he can retain his own body heat. He looks more like a baby and less like a patient in this crib.
  • Though breast feeding was a little traumatic, we tried bottle feeding today to see if he can suck/swallow on his own. He downed 22 ml’s like a champ!
  • We saw more hip movement today. Still no quad/lower leg movement, but we’re hoping as his brain continues to de-swell, he may regain movement there.
  • We are now completely off pain meds. Though it is difficult to watch him squirm in pain, we are glad he’s on the road to recovery.
  • We do not have Nurse Sassy Pants again tonight. Praise Jesus. I think I might trip her.




16 thoughts on “In Da Crib

  1. He is beautiful and so are you! Praying for more good days and moments of pure joy. You and Joey are amazing, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Love, The Nava family

  2. Love these pictures!!! Love the updates. I was thinking I might poke that nurse’s eyes out. So glad she is not with you again! Please know we are at the feet of our Savior daily for Finn. I just keep visualizing us laying Him in front of Jesus asking for miracles. To God be the glory for this precious incredible Finn he has given us.

  3. Hey Ashley,

    Just wanted to give you some words of encouragement and maybe advice from a former NICU nurse. If you feel like that nurse was inattentive or that she just didn’t treat Finn the way he should be treated it is definitely fine to request that she NEVER care for him again. This is not an unusual request. When I worked at Mercy, occasionally we would have a less than sensitive nurse be asked to not care for a certain baby. You definitely want a nurse that is loving and caring and supportive of you and Joey and Finn. This will help him graduate from the NICU all the more quickly. You and Joey are definitely in my prayers and you have been in my thoughts almost constantly. After my NICU days, I helped out a sweet family here who also had a baby with spina bifida. I would love to answer questions about the NICU or anything else if I can. Just let me know. Praying, praying…for comfort, for solace, for strength, for joy that passes understanding, for a gentle touch from our sweet Savior.

    Teresa (Watson) McKinney

  4. I’m sure I’m not the only one who read what happened yesterday and wanted to go to the hospital and straighten a few people out. The trauma in a hospital can be almost too much to bear. I am praising God today was better. Praying for more decreasing of the swelling and less pain for Finn.
    Thank you again for sharing.

  5. Glad today was better and am thankful for Finn’s progress. Praying that you only get nurses that are caring from now on! Otherwise, we might have to organize a team to watch over him at night while the two of you get your much needed rest!! I can be a squeaky wheel and annoying when necessary!!!!

  6. So glad you had a lighter day. He is precious, and you guys are such good parents only handful of days in. He is lucky to have you. So very luck. Praying continuously each time I think of you.

  7. So happy today was better. I was wanting to regulate after reading that last post. I hate that you had such a hard day yesterday, but am so thankful today was better. Love you, Ash. You are my hero.

  8. Wow, a crib already! Way to go! So glad the darkness only lasts for a while. May you have the best of nursing care from here on and may Finn’s healing continue!

  9. I’m so glad I didn’t see yesterday’s post until you had this latest, more positive post. As with many others, your posts brings tears to my eyes or make me laugh out loud (you, Ashley, tripping ANYONE!). You are keeping your perspective and being such great loving parents and advocates for Finn! I’m proud to be in the same gene pool as you.
    Love you much!

  10. James Dobson has a good book called Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People. It was very helpful to me in the past. I know your hours are so full with caring for Finn but at some point, maybe that book could help you too. I love seeing the pictures of you and Finn together resting. Rest is a wonderful thing. God give you strength and rest this day. Thank you for sharing your journey.


  11. I think merely tripping her would be showing too much restrain. Finn must get his fight from you! I love your “Momma Bear,” and I am glad beyond words that this day was better!
    Love and miss your precious family!

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