Nice Legs

This week we began to see small movements in Finn’s legs and hips. He is always in a prone (froggy) position, however, so it’s difficult to notice. The last couple of days, these movements have become stronger and more pronounced. He certainly has movement in his lower extremities. This is a huge answer to prayer!

A sweet physical therapist with a very soft voice stopped by today to examine his mobility and teach Joey and I how to stretch and strengthen his legs. She was encouraged by the suppleness of Finn’s joints and his full range of motion in most every position. He should just need some help along the way. Too bad they don’t offer infant yoga. He’ll need therapy. Possibly a walker or ankle braces. Perhaps a sporty little wheelchair for long distances. I would be lying if I said I haven’t pictured him strapped to Jersey’s back to cruise around the house and backyard. Wearing a cowboy hat. Of course, we won’t know what he needs for sure until he attempts walking and standing. If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s strengthen a quad muscle. This kid’s legs are going to rock.

Check out the clip of one of several kicks Finn performed for us…we caught the end of it, as it always goes when recording something important.

Continue praying:

  • Neurological development–a strong, clear mind and the ability to interact socially
  • Smooth transition out of the hospital, hopefully soon
  • Continued de-swelling of the brain (it’s currently stable)
  • Perseverance and rest (if only mental) for Joey and I

Leg Kick NICU from Joey Armstrong on Vimeo.


18 thoughts on “Nice Legs

  1. Just praising the Lord with you for each movement of the lower extremities. It is going to be exciting to see all God is going to do through Finn and each of you for His glory. Praying you all will be home soon.

  2. That’s awesome! I happen to think physical therapy is pretty awesome. Hopefully you will continue to get some sweet, amazing PT’s along the way. So exciting to see such a strong kick!
    Continued prayers for sure.
    I LOVE the pic from yesterday, of Finn yawning. So sweet.

  3. Beautiful… love those cute toes!! Continued prayers for all 3 of you and the hospital staff. Homecoming will not be far off!!

  4. Wow. How exciting!! And yes Ashley you know how to strengthen people, both physically and emotionally through encouragement. I’m excited Finn is going to have you as his lifelong trainer. I am in need of some Ashley butt kicking, so I will remember how strong Finn is becoming and kick myself into gear.

  5. Oh praise Jesus!!! That made me teary! Thank you for sharing such wonderful news with us!!! We will continue to pray for miracles sweet Finn.

  6. So happy right now…good think his mama is a physical trainer. One more reason Finn is with just the right parents. Great job to the whole Armstrong family!

  7. J&A, The kick was wonderful. I know several outstanding pediatric physical therapists in Norman. I worked for Soonerstart, Oklahoma’s Early Intervention Program for eleven years. If you want information and when you all are ready I’d be happy to tell you about it. One of the wonderful things about Soonerstart is that they come to your home. Or I know others in private therapy. Right now just praying for you.

  8. So excited about Finn’s progress. I love your post, I really loved the hiccups. Precious. Thank you for allowing us to share with you and pray for you. Looking forward to the Great Things our God is going to do.

  9. Awesome!! Have been continually praying for you 3! So glad you are on a string of great progress!! Love every blog entry! Thanks for posting!
    Much Love to you All!

  10. Prayers ARE being answered….but we never doubted that, did we? Finn’s progress is wonderful news and so encouraging. Thanks for the pics of family and Finn..they are priceless! Always praying, Sarah Redwine

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