We made it through the night! Honestly, it was so peaceful compared to the NICU. Finn hasn’t known silence, or soft sounds since he was born, and as a result he slept like a baby. We had a crisis at about 1:30am when we witnessed how strong his neck is. As he’s prone, he was turning his head into the bed and sleeping face down…freaked us out! Of course we slept at the opposite end of the bed near his “newborn napper” and woke up every hour to check on him. He, however, only woke up once to feed. We’ll continue to work on head positioning tonight.

Great Gram and Gramps Eitreim came to meet Finn this morning and lulled him to sleep in their arms. Such a sweet time with family.

We are grateful.



9 thoughts on “Victory

  1. I kept praying for you guys last night. Glad it turned out ok. Maybe you guys can take turn keeping watch. Enjoy playing house with Finn. I’m sure he knows he’s home now.

  2. Ahhhhhh! I love this pic! Did gma mary cry? I have loved reading your blogs Ash! We are still praying for you guys and am so excited and praise God for the miracles he has done for your son! ! ! I love the pictures and videos! ! We love you Ash, Joey, and Finn! ! !

  3. Wonderful to hear of good first night at home. Praying for many more to come. Great grandparents look so proud and happy.

  4. What a beautiful picture of the great grandparents and Finn–this is a real treasure. How fortunate you and Finn are to still have these wonderful folks in your family. I am so happy you are at home–this will be a big help in every way….Always Praying…
    Sarah Redwine

  5. Dear Ashley,

    Katelyn sent me a link to your blog, and I have really enjoyed reading about little Finn! I’d like to congratulate you and your handsome hubby and tell you that I think you are already remarkable parents. You and your precious family will be in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord bless you as you glorify Him by sharing your story.

    ❤ Brenda Taylor

  6. WOW!! This picture should be enlarged and framed. Fantastic!! Milt sent the address to go on your blog and we have loved reading about your dear little ” gift from heaven.” Spoil him with lots of love. I know you will. You all have been in our prayers for months and we will continue as little Finn (love the name) takes one day at a time.
    God be with you all,

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