Jersey Girl

Two years ago we purchased our first child, a velvety black lab puppy who was a head taller than her litter-mates. Though she wasn’t our first choice (we originally wanted a chocolate), she quickly won our hearts. We think she was the one with the bucket on her head in the ad on Craig’s List. She sat for her food while all the other puppies jumped and rolled around at the breeder’s feet. Her black hair shone amber in the sun. She had white feet. She licked her mom’s face. And she came to us when we called. We chose her and named her Jersey.

Though she can’t speak or give back rubs or change diapers like I hoped she would, she certainly gives back. Jersey is hysterical when we’ve had a rough day, she lets us nap on her soft fur, she licks my cheek when I cry, she obeys (most of the time), and she listens to our secrets and sorrows better than any human. We’ve been amazed by how she’s reacted to Finn. She’s an incredibly protective dog…you may have experienced her growling at you upon entering our home…so we were nervous about how she’d behave with our tiny intruder. Surprisingly, it’s been so natural. She smells him, tries to lick his head (though we interfere) and stands guard wherever he is. She will literally sit or lie at the door way and beside him while he sleeps. She ran circles around the stroller on our walk this morning. I think she knows he’s part of our team.

Though we weren’t given the opportunity to go to a breeder and choose Finn based on his merits, and this pregnancy/birth experience is certainly not the way I would have chosen, I’m beginning to see he’s better than my plan. He’s the pick of the litter.


8 thoughts on “Jersey Girl

  1. Aren’t dogs just the best form of in-house therapy any family could ask for? Our Weber brings so much humor and comfort to our lives, and we have been so thankful for the sweet way she has reacted to Riggs. Glad your Jersey is stepping up to be a great big sis to Finn!

  2. glad to see that Jersey is liking Finn…still be careful and I know you will…was great to see you the other day…had a good trip home…weather great here…love, GG and ???

  3. You write so beautifully, Ashley. My sister Penny forwarded this to me. I’m glad that she did. Thank you. — Terry

  4. As the proud Grandparents of this fine puppy, we’ve had the honor of caring for Jersey while we awaited Finn’s arrival and now we’ve watched her become a quite the protector. Finn, we think she’ll be a loyal friend to you as she is to your parents.

  5. A boy and his dog, what a bond that will get even stronger. It’ will be great therapy for you and Joey to scrach her behind the ears and tell her all about your trials and joys. Always loving, always comforting are our pets. I know that Jersey will bring many smiles to Finn and I am glad to see that she has already taken up guarding him.

  6. Ashley,
    Thanks so much for sharing from your heart of hearts and allowing us in. So proud of Jersey! I think I need a buddy like Jersey. Finn and his parents continue in my heart and my prayers. You writing is beautiful. You have a special gift. May our Lord continue with you as you keep taking those steps -one at a time. Vickie

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