In my family, Sundays were truly reserved as Sabbath. We went to church, met friends for lunch at a local restaurant or enjoyed a large meal at home. Then it was nap time. This was the only occasion for golf on our television, as the hushed clapping and announcer’s whispers lulled us to sleep on the couch. Sunday was a day for family and for rest.

Since marrying a minister, it’s been an adjustment for Sundays to become a day of work. I’m learning that Sabbath may be more a state of mind than a lack of duty and meetings. Rest is extremely important to Joey and I. We feel we are our best selves when we’ve taken time to rest, either together or  independently. We feel no guilt for taking a vacation. Even Jesus took time away from the crowds to “go up on the mountainside to pray.”

I’m realizing with each missed hour of sleep that true rest may not come in the form of REM cycles for a while. Rest must begin in my heart and mind. I think the more I trust God and what He’s doing with our lives–no matter how much I resist, the more I can rest in His presence. Tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

Finn’s updates:

  • Head circumference continues to decrease. Yay! We’re now “on the curve” and in the 98th percentile. Funny how your child is compared to “the norm” beginning at birth. This bothers me.
  • Legs are moving! Still have lots of work to do for PT.
  • He needs to gain a little more weight to appease the pediatrician.
  • He’s tracking our fingers and making eye contact…good developmental signs.
  • He’s able to lie on his back, as his incision is healing well.
  • We think he’s really cute.

15 thoughts on “Sabbath

  1. We all think he is cute! And super precious! I talked to great grandma Mary today and she was telling me what a great job you and joey are doing as parents and what a peanut Finn is!

  2. You do such a beautiful job with your writing. So glad to hear new signs that are good ones. I feel they will continue; especially with all the love and prayers for Finn and family. Prayers are amazing, just as Christ is! As you know…through God, all things are possible. I truly believe that. Prayers and hugs are being sent your way.
    God continue to be with you.

  3. You, my dear friend, are wise. You write so well. I love reading your blog and hearing what god has placed on your hearts. We are praying and also praising God for his work! Woot woot for the 98%!!! We love you all to the moon. Ps- Lil Finn is SO stinking cute!

  4. “Rest must begin in my heart and mind.” Wise words, friend. A great reminder for me as I have been anxious about reentering that stage of newborn sleep deprivation, this time with a toddler waiting for me in the morning who could care less that I was up most of the night with his brother! 🙂 And it is true…Finn IS cute!!!

  5. He is beautiful! Praying the Lord will make the most of the sleep you do you get. Continuing to pray for you all but oh what wonderful news about his legs moving and eyes tracking. God is good!

  6. My heart just melted seeing the pic of you holding that precious baby. You are SUCH a beautiful mommy my love! I just adore you, your hubby and your baby to bits!

  7. Ashley, he is precious! We pray for Finn every night with Noah. He has started saying “baby Finn amen!” We love you and are so thankful each time you have good news to report. You are doing great!


  8. I am so glad for your blog as it truly helps us know how to pray. These last two entries (Jersey and Sabbath) have been more beautiful than ever. Perhaps, someday, these will be put together in book form….if time ever permits! Our third grade class at FBCN has been praying for you all before and since Finn’s birth. We are so grateful for Finn ‘s good progress! We will continue to pray. Children’s prayers are especially pure and sweet. Always Praying, Sarah Redwine

  9. I am following along as your journey continues. Just know you have love and prayers sent your way daily. Finn is adorable and a blessing to our family, enjoy him. Love and Hugs, Tarah

  10. I agree with you Ashely. I love my naps and long nights of sleep but the rest that I get knowing that God is carrying my burdens and showing where to go in life is the best rest ever. Peace of mind when the world is chaotic, a smile on my face when I count the ways that God has blessed me and my family. I am thrilled to read about Finn’s progress and thank God for working in his life. Keep your eyes focused on God and your heart open to receive his endless love for you. All our love Tracye, Bill, Drew and Walker.

  11. I am thinking of you and your daily challenges and know that sweet Finn is in capable and loving hands. Your strength and courage are amazing!

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