The Digs

Finn’s been sleeping in a bassinet of sorts at the foot of our bed. To soothe him to sleep, we bought this sound machine that’s supposed to simulate the womb; you know, to make him feel at home. Joey says it sounds more like scenes from a WWII film.  We couldn’t take it anymore. Last night the sound machine was OFF. This meant, however, that throughout the night we heard each of Finn’s grunts and giggles and squirms and whimpers. We did not sleep.

So today my mom experimented by allowing him to nap in his “big boy crib” in the nursery. He’s slept soundly for hours! I’ll try not to freak out too much and let him sleep in there tonight, using our fancy video monitor to keep tabs during the wee hours. Check out the pics of his sweet little room.


11 thoughts on “The Digs

  1. Pray you have restful sleep tonight with him in his crib. I am sure he will sleep just wonderfully – after all he has a great bedroom!

  2. I love his room of course. 🙂

    I lasted all of two weeks with my babies in the bedroom with us for the same reason. Too much grunting and groaning for me to sleep. Praying for a restful night tonight. Love you, sweet girl!

  3. Loved the pictures of the room. Thought I should inform you in case you don’t know:) poop happens all over, hopefully gets cleaned up on the changing table. I can hear Lisa now, Mom, you are not a comedian. Oh well. Look forward to each posting. Thank you again.

  4. Thank you for posting pictures of the room! I love to see the rooms of kids, and I love the color of the walls.
    I lasted longer with Grace in our room since we sleep with a fan on, but had to move her after 2 or 3 months so she would stop waking me up every two hours to eat. I was losing my mind, literally. Had to give myself a big pep talk, but she needed the sleep as much as I did. And Shannon did too.

  5. Ashley and Joey, I love reading about Finn and I know God is doing His healing day by day. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. The nursery is darling! We love you guys.

  6. Love the room, Ash! Both my kiddos preferred their cribs from the very beginning. And hooray for video monitors! I’d like to have one to see what Miss Priss is up to when she’s supposed to be sleeping! 🙂

  7. With Finn in his “Big Boy Bed” you will sleep so much better which will make you both better parents. My daughter has one of those video monitors and they work beautifully. Thank God for the small victories and a full night of sleep (hopefully sooner that later!)

  8. Finn’s room is adorable, may he rest soundly in it! You never appreciate sleep quite so much as when you have a new baby. Robby started sleeping all the way through the night at 2 and a half months and I remember waking up at some point in a new Mom panic because I hadn’t heard from him. I went in his room and promptly shook him to make sure he was OK, which I paid for later. Note to self, never wake a sleeping baby! I believe that was the beginning of the “you wake him, you take him” policy at our house…………………….. God bless

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