Say Uncle

My little brother is visiting from California for the week. He has a rough job. He works as a resident director for a Christian camp called Hume Lake in the Sequoia National Forest. His name is Chad.

Chad is one of the most joyful people I know; his smile and laughter light up a room. He is confident yet humble, a passionate leader yet a life-long learner, and a genuine, intentional friend. He is currently growing a patchy beard and has more technological devices on our couch than one could ever need. He gives solid hugs and asks great questions. He makes loud, goofy noises when he’s happy (which is most all of the time), and has since he was a toddler mumbling behind his “nuk.”

We moved a lot growing up…eight times, actually. Chad and I were all each other had for the first couple of months in a new place. We built forts out of moving boxes, roller bladed in the basement, watched cartoons in our sleeping bags and went on runs with our dog, Kelly. We’ve always been great friends, despite my superiority complex in middle school. Sorry, Chad. He’s helped remind me who I am in Christ during some tough times, and I’ve done the same for him.

I’m so thankful Finn will have Uncle Chad in his life. They will be the best of buds, I’m sure.


5 thoughts on “Say Uncle

  1. Love these pictures and the beautiful description you gave of Uncle Chad! How precious!!! Isn’t it amazing how God has placed such strong people in Finn’s life so long ago? Thank you for sharing Ash!!!

  2. Just played catch up and read about 7 posts. What a blessing you are to your boy. Jesus is giving you strength, I can hear that in your words!! And what a blessing it is to me to hear such honesty. Why aren’t people more honest? It is so refreshing. Praying for you (all 3 of you!!) to be renewed daily.
    Just on a side note, when I first glanced at this post I was confused because the pictures are small-ish, I thought that was Joey for a sec. Great words you had to say about your brother. And the comment above by Tracye is pretty great too!!

  3. I was surprised to hear that your brother is at Hume Lake. I have a friend who lives there. She is Cheryl Chastain.
    The pictures are great! I love to read your updates.

    Pat Askins

  4. Ash you described Chad so very well. . .Finn get ready the place rocks when Uncle Chad and your Daddy get together.

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