Raining Blueberries

Rumbling thunder and silent, blinking lightning have been the backdrop of today’s simple events. Chad made delicious blueberry muffins for breakfast, we watched Marley and Me to remind us why we have a big dog, I did a few loads of laundry and Joey made it home for lunch.

Life is rushing ahead of me, and frustration comes much too quickly when I’m sleep deprived. The days seem so long, yet so short. Finn has doubled his milk intake over the past week. We’re thankful he’s eating well, but it’s challenging to keep up with his demand. He’s consuming more and sleeping less. Jersey’s perpetual rainy-day-muddy-paws are exhausting, and the monotony of feeding, burping, pumping, changing, shushing and putting to bed can be unnerving.

It’s one of those days when the weather reminds me to slow down.

To hold Finn closely and drink in his sweet smell. To remind friends and family I love them. To sing “happy birthday” in a goofy voice to one of my dearest friends, Jane Ann. To scratch Jersey behind the ears. To read instead of watch TV. And to let my Prince give me a long hug.

I’m challenged to “do everything without complaining” and to be thankful…thankful for rain that nourishes the ground and quiets my anxious heart.


10 thoughts on “Raining Blueberries

  1. For the two months of Ethan’s life, we felt like we were in “Newborn Survival Mode”… I loved your description of the monotonous schedule that can be overwhelming, tiring, and scary. But what a great outlook you were able to take in the midst of your day. Continuing to pray for you all and handsome Finn.

  2. Love it girl…you are a great mom…taking time to take it in is the challenge for the rest of our lives I think…I still have to say that to myself…I looked at Jayk the other day and said you are a miracle…mommy couldn’t get pregnant and then God gave me you…Your blog was very good reminder to me friend and refreshing…love you and your family…

  3. As the mother of two teenage boys I will tell you that the eating never and I mean NEVER slows down. One night last week Walke went to bed hungry, not really but he said that he was, and was asking me what was for breakfast. Just as we need nourishment for our physical bodies we also need nourishment for our souls. Take that time each day to sit and listen to what God says to you, take in the glories of each day, each smile that Finn presents, each scratch behind Jersey’s ear, all true gifts in the whirl wind life that we lead as moms, wives, daughters, sisters and friends. How wonderful of Chad to make blueberry muffins, such a sweet and loving brother. Love to ya’ll.

  4. You write so beautifully about your day to day happenings–what a gift! Yes, the days can get monotonous and tiring with a newborn. It goes very quickly, however. Treasure it and drink it in for it will be gone all too soon…..thank you for the beautiful photos. This can all be a volume of your essays someday–it will surely help others. Thank you. Always Praying, Sarah R.

  5. If only to have those monotonous days again, so glad you were able to stop and enjoy all that was around you. I’m trying to remember if Chad ever made blueberry muffins while living under our roof, nope never. You must be some special kind of sister.

  6. I loved loved this post. You have such a gift of putting words together, sweet Ash. This is something I continue to remind myself of – to be constantly present in Ali and Aaron’s world. What a gift our babies are!

  7. I remember times when Graeme went through growth spurts and I felt like all I did was sit on the couch and nurse him for days! I’m so glad you are nursing. When you are in the moment, you feel like it will be forever….but looking back, it is only a glimpse in time. Hang in there!

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