In January when I was about 9 months pregnant, feeling like a heifer and still angry that our child wasn’t “healthy,” my mom gave me a devotional book my Aunt Dawn had recommended to her. A day later my mother-in-law texted me with an excerpt from said devotional and asked if I had a copy. God does these things sometimes. He makes himself clear. I was supposed to pick up this book, called Jesus Calling. Silly title, in my opinion. (“Hello? May I ask who this is?” “Yes, this is Jesus calling…”)

I didn’t want to hear what some author had to say about finding joy in trials or dying to your will or how everything has a purpose. I was doing well just to read through Job, journal honestly about our struggle and mumble out my earnest prayers. I began reading it daily once Finn was born. Today’s excerpt hit me between the eyes.

I am Eve.

She called the Garden of Eden home. It was rich with exotic fruits, magnificent animals and lush vegetation (not to mention handsome Adam). Every blessing was poured out on her, yet she “focused on the one fruit she couldn’t have” instead of living in thankfulness for the abundance of things that were freely available to her. “This negative focus darkened her mind and she succumbed to temptation.” Thankfulness can transform those dark places of my mind and bring to light the many gifts that have been lavished upon me.

Check out these cute pics of our little monkey from the Garden.


7 thoughts on “Eve

  1. Ashley, I must share with you something. Robin got that same devotion book for her birthday in January from a dear friend. Robin and I have read that book when we are at work. It is a great book so I know what you mean when it hits “home”. But….(on with my story) I wanted to see how much it cost for my Kindle Fire so I took a picture of it on my phone so I would know exactly what to look for. Then one day I was looking through my pictures in my phone and found that picture of the book. I was changing my address book around, adding pictures to numbers and decided that would be a good picture to add to the church phone number when they called me. Then, I totally forgot about doing that. Then one day I was driving with my daughter and Robin called me from the church phone. When I looked at the phone, it read ‘Jesus Calling’. Wow! I repeated “Jesus Calling?” Katie immedately looked over at my phone with a very unusual look on her face. Needless to say my heart did a flip thinking it was “Jesus calling”. Then I looked a little lower and read “FBC”. So, he does call sometimes when you least expect it. I think that I have the perfect photo on my phone when the church calls me.

  2. Oh wow. What incredible insight. Thank you for sharing Ash! It’s amazing how we can miss out on so much joy because all we can see is the trial. I remember one day as we were experiencing a failed adoption, Blake and I were driving to the hospital to see this sweet baby knowing things were falling apart…as we drove I looked up and noticed I could look straight at the sun. It was gorgeous! The only reason I could look straight at it was because of the clouds of a storm surrounding it. It hit me. Oh how well we experience Jesus, The Son, in the midst of a storm. Matter of fact we often are able to see Him clearly in those moments. Love your sweet family and your faithful hearts!

  3. Beautiful words, Ash! You are a vessel of love, truth (preach it, girl!), encouragement, and strength. So thankful for you, and I adore those pics of your little monkey! 🙂

  4. Love you Ashley, Joey and baby Finn … You three are amazing!!! God’ truths… Nothing like it ….if only we can continue to live them out! Thank you for your reminders… Miss you dearly!

  5. Ashley, As I lied awaiting your arrival, those long 5 months on complete bed rest, I remember calling out (actually screaming out) to Jesus and wondering if He truly was there. But then, He called back and gave Dad and I an incredible answer, YOU! During those months I begged Jesus to allow you to survive and if He did (like I really had anything to do with it) I’d do everything I could to show you Jesus on this earth. I knew that if you survived, He would use you to bring glory to His name which is exactly what you are doing by writing this blog. Jesus did answer my call and He is answering yours. Thank you Dollie for sharing what we all struggle with but are often too proud to admit.

  6. You & your family are truly amazing. What else is there to say. Great reminder for the pessimist at heart. Thanks for sharing your heart…it is such a blessing.

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