Finn isn’t the only one growing around here (He’s eating so much and seriously a chunk!)…

Yesterday I started the project of revitalizing our landscaping in the front. It was so refreshing to be outside and find dirt under my nails, especially after a frustratingly sleepless night. I planted some shade-friendly perennials, thanks to our beautiful big oak tree, and Joey hung my fern. Finn directed where I should plant the flowers from his perch in the stroller. I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing when it comes to planting things. I just put them in the ground and hope…and sometimes remember to water. It works out somehow; we must have great soil. Today I completed the job by mulching. Mulch is the finishing touch that makes all the difference when it comes to landscaping. Like when you outline the figures in a coloring book instead of just color inside the lines.


3 thoughts on “Growth

  1. I love the flowers!!! Isn’t it amazing how great it feels to add plants and flowers? Glad you got some fresh air mama.

  2. Getting my hands in the dirt always brings me closer to God. It will be fun to watch Finn and the flowers grow! Beautiful photos of both! Always Praying, Sarah R.

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