A small, yet destructive tornado swept through Norman on Friday afternoon, just minutes after Joey walked through the door. He had gone to pick Jersey up from Annie’s Ruff House (her doggie day care and our chance at sanity), and returned home with a Sandro’s New York style pizza, our favorite. Hail began pelting our windows just as I saw his headlights in the driveway. Finn and I were watching and the local news anchor with the rhinestone-studded tie point to Norman as the twister’s next victim. I had prepared our bathroom with blankets, headlamps, our important documents, a couple rawhides and our cycling helmets. Just as Joey suggested I might be overreacting, the tornado sirens sounded and we hustled to the tub. I think I was breastfeeding…in the bathtub with a mountain biking helmet on…when it skirted our neighborhood. We continued monitoring the storms throughout the night and into Saturday evening, adding anxiety to our exhaustion. It’s one thing to brave a severe storm with your spouse (kind of romantic, actually). It’s another with an infant.

Finn has been more alert, expressive and vocal lately. He makes these fun cooing and squawking sounds and seems to hold our eye contact longer. I wish I could know what he thinks of us–if he enjoys my kisses on his chubby soft cheeks, if he feels safe in his daddy’s strong arms, if he likes the sheets I chose for his crib, which onesie is his favorite and if Jersey’s stolen licks are welcome or not.

Most of the time we are very “present,” enjoying Finn just as he is now. But sometimes we get caught up in comparison, wondering if he’s on par with his peers developmentally. Or we worry about the future; especially during his leg and feet physical therapy, wishing they were normal, strong and capable.  Ultimately, Finn will be just how and who God intends him to be. And I’m certain we won’t want him any other way.


13 thoughts on “Dopplar

  1. We had to head to shelter when Tucker was about Finn’s age. Boy do those babies change storms! Haha. Breastfeeding in the bathtub will always be a funny memory for you guys. Finn is getting so big and even cuter!

  2. I love that last little part, about bein certain you wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s amazing though as humans how we feel anxious so quickly when we lose sight of that! I constantly dialogue with myself nowadays trying to keep myself only listening to the Father…parenting can be so hard because it’s like a sign on your head “Please Give Me Your Advice!” You all are amazing parents and I am so thankful Finn got you two and you two got him!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Finn with all of us. I look forward to your updates and pictures. Today, I just want to kiss his little double chin. Can’t wait to meet him. So thankful you guys were safe from the storm. We had our basement prepared a few days ago. Know that we continue to pray for you guys. You are my heroes!!

  4. I agree with the writer who says that “Finn loves all those things” that you mention…..he will let you know it somehow, someday!. God protected us all on Friday…I had an out of state relative who was visiting…she did not want to get in the closet when the tornado was eminent….I made her….later, she was a believer when we saw all the destruction just up the street from us. I am so looking forward to meeting Finn and perhaps having the honor of caring for him in our church nursery someday. He is quite the handsome fellow! Always Praying, Sarah R.

  5. Still praying for sweet Finn and you and Joey on a daily basis. The mental picture of you breastfeeding in the bathtub with the helmet really cracked me up a lot!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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