Snot Stew

My sentiments exactly, Finn.

I hate being sick! Joey came home last week with some kind of allergy funk and now Finn and I have it. You know, it’s the kind of cold where you find yourself staring at the wall with your mouth wide open, breathing through it like a fat man. I’ve whispered, okay, and yelled a couple times today, “Lord, have mercy!” The bulb syringe (snot sucker-outer) won’t fit in Finn’s tiny little nostrils, so he’s pretty plugged up. Sweet little baby, he sounds like a piglet snorting in his pen. A good long, snuggly nap is all we really need, but it’s just so far out of reach.

This is my last week at home with Finn before going back to work. I’m trying to soak up every minute and not entertain anxiety about leaving him with someone else. Please pray for rest and recuperation this week as we battle a cold and the physical and mental fatigue that accompanies it. When we are weak (and I’m really really weak), He is strong.


4 thoughts on “Snot Stew

  1. Gosh it’s tough being sick and caring for a baby, praying for you dollies. Nana Dee and Papa will be there soon, 11 days, but who’s counting?

  2. Love the visuals b’c they are all-too familiar. Praying against the attack on your last full wk together. Praying the blessed soul who you are entrusting him to.

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