Spa Day

Still feeling under the weather and needing a little TLC, Finn and I declared yesterday, Spa Day.

We started by purchasing a device recommended by my friend Nicole, called the NoseFrida SnotSucker.  It is absurd and a little disgusting, but it’s effective; so, who cares? Here’s how it works: I use my mouth on one end to provide suction, while the other end is at the entrance of his nostrils. I suck, and snot evacuates his nose and enters the vial. Don’t worry, there’s a filter to prevent snot from entering my mouth. That would be gross.

One chore I detest is clipping and filing my nails. It’s tedious. But it was time, so I decided to tackle Finn’s razor blade nails while I was at it. He agrees with me about this activity–no fun. At least this time I didn’t make him bleed; that was heart-wrenching!

After dinner, Finn fell asleep on Joey’s chest. While they were snoozing, I decided to take my friend Kayla’s advice: soak in a hot bath. She does this daily…maybe even twice a day. I haven’t taken a bath in years (I take showers, okay…I’m not filthy). I guess I never trusted the tub in the rented places we lived previously. Candles, bath salts and all…I indulged in every soaking minute, feeling like a queen.

Then it was Finn’s turn for a bath. He makes this cute face when you first set him in the tub…it’s like he’s pretending he’s angry, but really, he loves it.

Once each fold of chubby baby skin was clean, we checked his three scars for any unwelcome changes, lotioned him up, and wrapped him in his ducky towel. Sweet, simple, snotty day.


10 thoughts on “Spa Day

  1. You soooo….have to take a soothing bath….candles, bath salts…sometimes a good book….a little soft music…the best…

  2. the snot sucker…oh the things we never imagined we’d ever find ourselves doing until the day we found ourselves magically transformed into a mommy. thanks for the pic. 😉

  3. For REAL, thanks for the pic of the snot sucker. Such good info to tuck away for the hopes of #2, one day. Of course, seeing the little man enjoy his spa day was more than endearing. Family Armstrong wins “cutest of the day”!! No doubt!

  4. Finn is just precious! That first cold is THE worst! I’m praying for you as you transition back to work. Peace and grace (and many more baths!) to you.

  5. I bought my daughter one of those snot suckers for her little one. She says they work great. Love watching Finn grow through the pictures online. Looks like you and Joey are doing a fantastic job!

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