Go With Ka Rip!

The girls below us in West U apartment complex hated us. I don’t blame them, I would have too. We were loud…even at 3 in the morning. We made them cookies once as penance. They took them and politely shut the door.

The three women I lived with in college are the kind of friends I prayed for all my life. We are all so incredibly different, from personality to career to body type. We range in height from 6 foot 3 in heels to 5 foot 3 in flats. One dances and counsels, one plans and prays, one diagnoses and creates, and I write and train. We don’t compete because we all have something unique to bring to the friendship…and we can’t fit into each others’ clothes. Our relationship has been steady for over ten years. We’ve endured a lot of heartbreak, major life changes, fashion mishaps, great successes, and unexpected disappointments…together. Besides my stellar education (oh, and Joey), Taylor, Jane and Al are the best I took from OBU.

The girls and I have “reunioned” twice a year since 2005. Sometimes we allow the boys to tag along. Lindsey has become our fifth roommate, as she basically lived in our apartment anyway and recently moved back from Boston. She is an incredibly talented and professionally trained singer, a newly-certified Zumba instructor and a great mom to Jude. This weekend was one of those long-awaited, celebrated reunions. We enjoyed too much delicious food, never enough laughter, meaningful conversation, maybe a couple tears, and this time, two beautiful babies!

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8 thoughts on “Go With Ka Rip!

  1. Wow, trip down memory lane. You all have been so good for me…Love each of you. Many more memories to come. Thanks for putting this together, ash.

  2. Such gorgeous friends! I’m so glad you got to do this. There is nothing like a friend that has known you that long.

  3. Seriously tears came to my eyes – oh, the memories, blessings and joys shared! Love you girls deeply and dearly – xo

  4. Love it. I completely recognize a lot of you guys now from the days at OBU. The “upper classmen.” (-: One of my OBU roommates is getting ready to throw a shower with me for another one of our OBU roommates. OBU friends are definitely the best. (-:


  5. I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing bond of friends!! You have loved me for me and friends like that are truly hard to find! Can’t wait for our next partaaay! ❤ xoxoxoxo

  6. Before you ever left for OBU, I remember praying for God to grant you the blessing of true friends. He did hear my plea and answered with more than I could have ever hoped. You ladies are beautiful!

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