Twas the Night Before…

This shirt will be soiled in a few hours…

…returning to work.

I groan and roll over, noticing Joey is not there. He must be feeding Finn since he volunteered to take the first shift. I was even less coherent than usual. I took Benadryl before bed to try kick this stubborn cold. Despite my foggy senses I could tell Finn was screaming louder than normal. Why wasn’t Joey feeding him yet? I toss and turn, annoyed. I hear birds chirping outside and notice through one open eye that it’s bright in our room. Why? Isn’t it the middle of the night? Then I hear the pipes buzz loudly from our guest bathroom. I decide to investigate.

Joey is giving Finn a bath. “What is going on?,” I ask angrily. “You have no idea the storm I woke up to this morning!” “Well why didn’t you come get me?” (More incoherent, silly arguing ensues). It was 6:00am. Joey explained that the monitor’s batteries died and he woke up to Finn screaming and covered in urine and poo. I run to the crib and see the wet stain. I’m hysterical. “He could have died! What kind of parents are we?! Who knows how long he was crying? You know I took Benadryl last night. Why didn’t you hear him?” (More blaming ensues). I still haven’t put my glasses/contacts on at this point and I’m trying to awaken my brain enough to figure out what happened.

Once we calmed down, here’s what we settled on: Finn slept through the night! He went to bed at 10:00 and woke up at 6:00! The most he’s slept at once was 6 hours, so this was hard to believe. Joey puts diapers on very loosely, and since Finn slept so long, of course he wet his diaper and it leaked out. Joey woke up to Finn waking up. Surely we would have heard him if he were screaming all night long. Right?! Regardless, we like this scenario better than the alternative.

Anyway…thanks, Finn, for eight hours of sleep! More than I’ve had in probably 6 months. And the night before I had to go back to work too; such a thoughtful boy.

I so enjoyed being back at Fitness One today. I am paid to help my clients and the gym members actualize their health and fitness goals, making significant and necessary life changes. The 13 people in my spin class (today was intense!) and 14 in kickboxing kept me motivated to push harder than I thought I could after so many months of just light-moderate activity. I can already feel my quads and hamstrings complaining…and I love it! Finn had a great day at Parent’s Day Out, then joined Daddy at the United Way council meeting and later spent some time with our sweet friends, Trish and Tracy, while we both taught classes. The best part of my day was when I picked Finn up from the Foor’s house after work. He was in Tracy’s arms. I held his tiny hand and began talking sweetly to him. He smiled SO BIG through his pacifier! He knows his mommy’s voice! My heart melted like butter. That grin made today’s separation so worth it.


6 thoughts on “Twas the Night Before…

  1. You are the most amazing fitness instructor ever! So motivational! Thanks so much for helping me push through all those workouts, so happy you are back!

  2. Lucky Finn…spending time with Trish and Tracy…and…lucky Trish and Tracy…spending time with Finn

  3. I knew you would handle work with more grace then I could ever muster! So glad it was a good day back and so great that Finn is sleeping longer. Yay!

  4. Love love love this story!!!! Brings back memories …. Uh… Kickboxing…spin class…NOT,!!… Messy cribs ..YES!!!… Aahhhh the joys of parenthood…love you

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