The In-Laws

No horror stories here, though I could make some up if they would entertain you.

My in-laws are incredible people. Becky is a compassionate oncology nurse and Terry is a relational pastor and skilled carpenter. Becky makes us play this crazy game at Christmas where you try to open a series of wrapped boxes with oven mitts on your hands until you get to the last, tiniest box, which contains a twenty dollar bill. Terry and I love passing crossword puzzles back and forth, pretending we need each others’ help. They are the kind of people you want to be around. They ask good questions, love to play games and they laugh. A lot. You can’t help but feel like a comedian in their company.

Finn also loves them and enjoyed the day playing together. He’s come a long way from the NICU and we are grateful people.


3 thoughts on “The In-Laws

  1. How blessed you and Joey are to have such wonderful parents. I saw your dad in Target this afternoon, always a smile on his face, always a kind word. Have a great Mother’s Day.

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