All I wanted for Mother’s Day was a shock collar. Yes, a shock collar.

Make no mistake, I absolutely adore my 98 lb., 2 year old black lab, Jersey. However, since Finn’s arrival, she has often been driving me to the brink of insanity. On our walks, she is so protective of Finn that she forbids anyone to pass us without jumping at them. While I’m feeding him, she is in the backyard barking at our poor neighbors for simply existing. Jersey’s also developed this miserable habit of yelping from her kennel in the garage in the middle of the night. She assumes we’re in the living room feeding Finn (like we were the first month and 1/2), but lately, we’re all asleep.

Jersey is a joy. I just don’t have time or energy these days to enforce her obedience, so I need a little assistance, i.e., a shock collar that emits “8 levels of harmless correction.” We’ll see how this goes.

Joey pampers me. He didn’t stop at the shock collar; he bought my favorite treat from Sweets and Spurs (love that place!): a dark chocolate almond dipped apple. Yum.

And I was wondering why the changing table had black ink on it…Joey imprinted Finn’s feet as a “signature” for my Mother’s Day card.

What a special day I had with this little guy and his daddy. I am so blessed.

7 thoughts on “Shocker

  1. What a great Daddy and Husband Joey is–and you are a wonderful Mom! Finn is adorable!. Love those black labs–we had a black one and brown one for years–awesome pets. Glad you had a lovely Mommy’s Day–you deserve it! Always Praying, Sarah R.

  2. Happy belated Mothers Day, Ashley! Looks like it was a pretty special day for you.
    As far as protective dogs go. We had a friend who, when Ilana first came along, she would come over with the specific purpose to spoil Moses completely. She’d take him on hour-long walks, go romp in the yard with him, …basically show him all sorts of attention and get tons of his energy out. She came over at least 4 times a week for the first 3 months. I think it really helped Moses transition to Ilana. It might be worth finding a friend who loves Jersey. I’m planning on doing that again for Moses when our third comes along. Jersey’s transitioning just like you and Joey are. But I do hope the shock collar helps. So many times I wish I had one for Moses. 🙂 Take it easy! Finn is adorable and growing into such a handsome little man.

  3. Great pics,as always! And, what a great idea in having Finn add his personal signature to a wonderful Mother’s Day. Love you, Dad

  4. we got a gentle leader for our walks with the high-energy puppy. We have a 1 year old lab that likes to jump but the gentle leader has actually done wonders. He can’t pull on the leash and it’s even corrected some of his jumping behavior in the house. If you’re in town this weekend you can stop by and see how it works-just give me a call. Becky has my number

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