The Nanny

(I can’t help but hear Fran Drescher’s nauseating, nasal voice.)

Anyhow, Finn has a major crush on his nanny, Cassie. She and her husband, Chase, are dear friends of ours and we are blessed to steal her away to watch Finn during a time of transition in their lives. Cassie is also a freakishly talented cake baker and decorator. Sometimes she convinces Finn to help her roll out the fondant or pipe the frosting. I just request that he not operate the oven. Seriously though, I feel so confident leaving him in her hands. In fact, I’m worried his first word just may be “Cassie.” Oh, I’d be so mad. Another bonus is that she comes to our house so I get to go home for lunch and snuggle with my little man.

My mom will be here to help with Finn in June and then we’ll have to begin daycare in July. After a decent search, we think we found a good one. I’m sure daycare is just fine, and I know many families employ it, but I visualize the bully toddler in the crib next door drooling and vomiting on Finn’s head while he restlessly sleeps on germ-infested sheets. I sure wish I could strap him to my back while I train clients and teach classes…but that would be fun for no one.


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