Something New

The seven o’clock stink face. Finn gets fussy just about every night sometime between 6:30 and 7:30pm. It is short-lived, but it sure is frustrating. No apparent reason for the tears; he just puts on the pouty face and cries something fierce. Changing the environment often helps. We turn on or off the lights, get outside, take a walk, sing a silly song or go for a drive. He needs change; too much sameness.

Joey and I realized the same is true for us. The monotony of baby care gets exhausting, and soon our tempers shorten. For the health of our marriage, we have to intentionally take a different route, ask new questions, play cards, try new recipes, let each other hang out with friends…keep pursuing each other. It takes work. The last 5 1/2 years of our marriage, we’ve traveled (internationally and stateside) several times a year. The pregnancy and Finn have brought those travels to a halt, and we feel claustrophobic…like we need to get out.

Since Italy won’t be a reality for us anytime soon, we decided to head to the Norman farmer’s market Saturday morning instead. Bought some broccoli, spaghetti squash, local honey and new potatoes. Then we drove to OU and walked Jersey and Finn around campus instead of our usual neighborhood route to Starbucks. It was refreshing to do something different; to break routine. Maybe it’s possible to find beauty and wonder in familiar, everyday events. Maybe I just need to see life from a new perspective… “sing to the Lord a new song (Psalm 96:1).”

Rome, 2008


4 thoughts on “Something New

  1. I do have to admit . . . that is one of the cuter stink faces I have EVER seen! So encouraged and proud of the way you two creatively love one another! Cheers to one of my favorite couples/families! Bentleys heart Armstrongs!

  2. I think changing up the routine is something everyone needs- and it just shows itself more when children are added to the picture! 🙂 When Ethan was a baby his “witching” hour as we called it was about 9:00pm. Looking back I’m just thankful it wasn’t at 3am! And now he STILL has a witching hour- its the hour right before dinner when it’s too early to eat but he won’t be happy until his tummy is full! I think ya’ll are doing a fabulous job of keeping a great perspective and outlook on this fun newborn stage! Finn is absolutely adorable.

  3. I do remember those newborn evenings of crying. We also called it the “witching” hour. The pedi said it’s the babies way of relieving stress from the day. Every evening between 5 and 6 was a tough time on all of us but it did pass. I am glad to read that a change of environment does help at times. Finn has really filled out and is cuter w/each photo. Hugs from a mom 2 boys who has now made it to the teenage years. God’s guidance and the love of your family and friends will get you through.

  4. hang in there sweet mama! you are the perfect mama for Finn, you’re doing such a great job loving him! agreed, a fussing baby is hard and that “time of day” brings such challenge. this too shall pass! love you friend!

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