We find ourselves making up songs for just about anything these days. “Burp, burp, burp…burp, burp, burp…(to the tune of Jingle Bells).” “Rock-a-bye-baby in the treetops”–have you listened to those words? Really morbid. “Oh, Finn, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Finn!” Joey says his songs are originals, but I think they sound just as silly as mine.

Music calms Finn…and us. It can truly be healing.

Joey wrote a simple, sweet song for Finn when I was about 19 weeks pregnant, days after we found out about his Spina Bifida. I found him one night on the baby room floor softly strumming his guitar. We sang it to Finn (or to my belly) every night until he was born, and it’s a go-to when he’s fussy.

Simply goes like this:

Baby, know we love you.

Baby, know we care.

And if the sun doesn’t shine,

Tomorrow will be fine.

Just know that we love you.

I find God easily through song. I’m thankful for those classics that roll off your tongue when life is tough or joyous or somewhere in between. Also thankful for new Christian (and secular) artists who sing about truth in a way that I can connect with. What we’re listening to these days: All Sons and Daughters, Rend Collective Experiment, Karmin Covers’ “Hello,” Ben and Noel Kilgore, and throwbacks to John Mayer and Teitur.


3 thoughts on “Sing

  1. Wow Finn, your own private concerts. You are one lucky and loved little man. Laugh at this Ashley, Bill would sing the ABCs to Drew because that was all he knew kid wise. Drew would sing to Walker “She’ll be comin’ round the mountain”. I am thankful that God is bringing calm to each of you through His word in song. Love you.

  2. Sweet words, Ash. And I’m laughing because I think we sang the same “burp, burp” song to the tune of Jingle Bells. Seriously! Just about anything can go to the tune of Jingle Bells. 🙂

  3. GG says I should write a song for Finn so I may do that…a happy birthday Ash..have a good time with the ladies…Poppy

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