Clam Chowda

We embarked on Finn’s first road trip to Tulsa this weekend to meet his cousin Everett. Everett was born just four weeks before him. Leah (Joey’s sister) and Tyler are Everett’s parents, and they live in Boston on the top floor of one of those beautiful old houses with lots of quirky character. I always pronounce “Bw-ah-ston” with my own weird version of a Boston accent. It’s usually followed by something like “clam chow-da.” I’m sure I’m way off.

We switched babies and introduced them to each other!

Introducing Ev to Finn

Joey’s parents were thrilled to have both the boys in their home…especially Nana Becky who bought them matching outfits and invited lots of family and a few friends over to dote on them. It was so much fun to watch these boys “interact,” display their infant personalities and melt our hearts with their cuteness.

Here’s what they did:

Everett taught Finn how to play with his hands and Finn taught Ev how to tell stories.

Finn loves his hands

They played under the activity gym.

And listened to Joey and Leah read stories.Nana and Papa Armstrong love their boys!

Special thanks to my mom for watching the naughty dog and mowing our lawn while we were away.


5 thoughts on “Clam Chowda

  1. Yes, it was a very special time for nana b and papa t. One of the most precious times was when Finn talked to nana for at least 10 min……it brought tears to my eyes! I was over whelmed with emotions and I can’t even explain why! There was a connection between the two boys….it started when they “saw” each other at the airport! Thanks for this weekend …a lot of hugs, love and memories! Can’t wait for the next visit! I love my boys, mr. Everett and mr. Finn!

  2. It was so good to see you guys…Finn and Everett are little chunks, and so adorable. Know that you guys really our our heroes. We love you and pray for you. Give Finn a hug…loved feeding him.

  3. What a sweet family get together. I see years of adventure ahead for the 2 cousins. Some of my best memories are of summers with my cousins. YAY Deb for dog sitting and yard work. She is one sweet lady.

  4. fun trip for all…glad that GG made the flight..have a good time…I’ve really been busy with chores!!!love, Poppy

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