River Cruise

Grandma Mary flew down this week to smooch Finn’s cheeks. She calls herself Gigi (Finn’s Great Grandma).  Poor Joey…three generations of women in the house (my mom’s here for the month of June).

Grandma Mary is a riot. Story after story rolled from her tongue, interrupted by lots of breathless giggling from all of us.

We asked her why she’s so tan and she said she goes to several of my cousins’ ball games every week. She says the boys all know and love her. And she’s helping Matt with his swing.

We asked what Grandpa is doing without her this week and she said he’s going on the annual retired Northwest pilot’s river cruise. She’s glad she’s missing it. “Every year it gets worse. There are more wheelchairs and more dementia. We have to float around the same river and there’s nothing to look at but trees. We get the same bland chicken, a glob of mashed potatoes and vegetable stuff. The one good thing is the variety of cookies. Everybody waits in line for the cookies. Every year it’s the same and every year it gets worse.”

We asked about their friends and she told us about bridge club. Emil (pronounced “A-mull”) can’t hear. One lady calls him “Email.” He passes every time whether he has points or not, simply because he didn’t hear the bids. Gram and Gramps are always late so they end up playing with Emil. According to Gram, he must like her because he smiles at her.

The truth is, you can’t help but like Grandma Mary. Finn agrees and has literally been laughing at her stories all week too.


3 thoughts on “River Cruise

  1. Grandma Mary looks like she’s really enjoying little Finn. Soooo glad she was able to visit w/you and Debbie. Enjoy these memorable times together. Ashley, you do one beautiful job w/your blog – thank you.

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