Sweat and Tears

Clipped into one pedal, I slid on my half-finger cycling gloves. These somewhat serve a purpose: grip for when my hands get sweaty, but mostly I wear them because they make me feel hardcore. Fierce. Like the pavement better watch out.

I head up the busy road, praying a text-messager doesn’t run me over. Relieved, I turn left onto a country road lined with corn fields. The sun is setting behind them and I breathe deeply, drawing in the fresh air. I suck down a bug…not kidding. So I breathe through my nose. I thank God that I have the ability to move fast, to escape like this and ride hard. Then I get furious that Finn can’t. I begin “grunting,” audibly releasing stress, and soon, I’m bawling. Tears are streaming as I pray, yell and verbalize my feelings to the God who joined me on this ride. My bike wobbles as my vision is blurred from the tears. RPM’s at a record high, I bet I cried for about 4 miles.

I’ve heard the best way to relieve stress is to cry a lot or to sweat a lot. I was doing both, and my tension was fading. Though my body was fatigued, my mind and soul were being recharged by the sun’s oblique rays and the horses grazing contentedly behind the fences around me. Peace in chaos.

Dorky happy picture.

I hope you have a way to release stress. I suggest (I’m a personal trainer, after all) that it’s physical and involves some sweat or some tears. Maybe both.


7 thoughts on “Sweat and Tears

  1. We think the same way Dollie, but I don’t look that cute in road gear. Yesterday while you trained me, I do believe you were releasing stress by watching me sweat.

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