I Did

My last name has been Armstrong for six years today. I couldn’t be more proud to share the name of the person I like the most. I think he is the most funny, the most genuine, the most handsome, and the most brave.

He brings out the best version of me but he gives me grace when I’m my worst.

We giggle at the same things. Like Michael Scott’s pitiful monologues. Or the woman who greeted us in the hotel elevator this weekend and asked us in a smoker’s British/country accent, “So what ah you two doin fo da forf?”

He reminds me of truth. Sometimes subtly, sometimes bluntly.

We prefer to be outside.

We are fully aware that each other is imperfect but are absolutely perfect for each other.

He puts toothpaste on my toothbrush.

We made one pretty darn cute kid.

I told him at the onset of our relationship that if he was going to “be drama for me,” I wanted nothing to do with him. He’s proven trustworthy ever since.

He encourages me to do the things I love. No matter how inconvenient…or sweaty.

We’ve weathered some scary storms together.

He pursues me.

We take the tomatoes off our salad.

He gives his best effort when “folding” (aka: wadding) clothes.

We pray together.

I’m so glad we chose to risk on June 30th, 2006. We’re more in love today than yesterday. Glory to God.


8 thoughts on “I Did

  1. Six years already? I know that it has been an amazing journey. When you are w/the one that loves you for who you are, day in and day out, then you can face each day, tackle each task and at the end of each day you can laugh a little, or alot, cry in each other’s arms. What an amazing thing God did when He joined you in marriage. Congratulations and hugs from the Clarks’.

  2. Congratulations to a beautiful couple both inside and out. Pray you have many more. Thank you for letting me follow Finn’s journey from far away.
    Linda Law

  3. what a great blog….you two are special people in many ways..GG and I are very glad to be in your family…she wants to come see Finn again …love, GG&GG

  4. So glad Ashley you are part of the Armstrong family! Love all three deeply! Looking forward to the next six years and more!

  5. What a wonderful inspiration your marriage and family is to us all. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. God bless you and your family.


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