Yesterday was Finn’s first day at GoKids, a small, tidy and personable daycare operated by GoChurch.

What you wear on the first day of school is important, you know. We decided to go with the yellow Gap onesie and matching yellow and gray striped socks.

In high school, I actually kept a clothes calendar. Yes, I would keep track of the outfits I wore on a daily basis, so as not to repeat the same one in a six month period. I’m hanging my head as I admit this ridiculousness. There are infinitely more important things to keep track of than clothing. Hmmm…I wonder what stupid things I’m keeping track of these days…

So Joey and I dropped little man off together yesterday morning, overstuffed diaper bag, a gallon of filtered water and detailed instructions on “Caring for Finn” in hand. As I read my section entitled “Spina Bifida Concerns” aloud to them, I realized that no child should be projectile vomiting, having dry diapers, crying uncontrollably or running a fever. The ladies were sweet and held him like it wasn’t their first rodeo.

I couldn’t help myself…I snuck in on my lunch break to check on Finn.

You know you love someone when you’ll drive across town on your lunch break to hold them for ten minutes.

We’re sad that he came home with a stuffy nose. Had to dust off the ole’ Snotsucker and use it throughout last night. And he apparently took five naps yesterday, four more than usual. Maybe the bright colors, new toys and seven other infants wore him out.

Daycare isn’t my first choice for Finn, but I’m thankful we found a place we feel at peace leaving him…at least for now. Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “GoFinn

  1. Good job, Momma. It’s hard but just think of all the new Finn Fans! And extra prayers lifting our little man up!

  2. awe… babies will sleep more the first few times at child care – they are over stimulated and will shut down to learn how to cope, it is a great learning tool for them. They close their eyes and hear all the sounds around them, making connections along the way becoming familiar with their surroundings. Extra prayers for you and Joey as you experience child care with Finn.

  3. No repeats in 6 months, huh? That’s awfully ambitious of you. 😉

    I’m praying all three of you adjust beautifully!

  4. I hope Finn is enjoying his expanding world and good choice on the outfit. You and Joey are such good parents! Finn is a lucky boy,
    xo Gwenn

  5. I was lucky to have no repeated outfits in one week. Your organizational/creative skills are obviously more fine tuned than mine. Most impressive!

    First week of day care is hard but he will be ok. Finn may catch every cold that comes his way for a while but hopefully his immunities will grow. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Finn is fortunate to have you both!

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