It’s incredible what you can accomplish when you have the day off and wake up at the crack of dawn. Humor me while I bore you with the details of my day. My superday.

Heard Finn’s whistling, snorting, stuffed nose through the monitor around 5:30am. Up at 6:00, I fed Jersey while Joey fed Finn. Breastfeeding has officially ended. I had zero time at work to pump and eventually Finn preferred the ease of the bottle. Sad about this, but we made it almost four months!

Joey, Finn, Jersey (shock collar on) and I embarked on our 3 mile walk to Starbucks. I went with a grande passion tea instead of iced coffee. Decided to meet the nice older couple we always pass along the way. They have an eleven year old yellow lab and a son in Manhattan.

Sooner Start came for their first visit today. This is a state funded program that provides free therapy for babies with disabilities until age 3. Lots of paperwork today…not much therapy, but they didn’t leave without noticing Finn is a flirt just like his daddy. We’re thankful for this program and excited to learn new ways to help Finn be smart and strong.

Since our gifted Pampers ran out, we switched from disposable diapers to cloth today. Love this choice! Saving money and the earth one poopy prefold at a time.

Finn and I met our sweet friend, Stacy, for lunch at Fancy That, one of my top fav restaurants in Norman. Brunch pick: Mediterranean scramble. And their coffee is the best.

Put Finn down for his nap.

Here’s where I accomplished more in two hours than I normally do in one day…

Inspired by my mom’s work ethic, I cleaned the house. Like really cleaned. Scrubbed the tile, dry and wet swiffered, polished the stainless steel appliances, shook rugs, etc.

Reorganized Finn’s closet. If I could choose a chore, this would be it. So much fun. No sarcasm.

Quietly created a cloth diaper station at the changing table and folded the inserts. Ordered a cloth diaper sprayer online.

Finn woke up. Yes! I missed him.

Tummy time on the frog mat. Proud of my strong boy!

Off to Kohls to use a gift card on a diaper pail and some beach towels. Jersey shredded ours into tiny terry cloth bits when she was a puppy. Finn kept smiling up at me from the Ergo carrier and snotted all over my shirt. Super sweet.

Then over to Target for more green smoothie ingredients, a Johnny Jumper to help strengthen Finn’s legs and some other boring stuff.

Made an egg sandwich with gouda on Ezekiel bread for myself while Finn cat-napped in his car seat. Not the best dinner, I know, but when Joey’s not home I don’t cook and I eat less.

Scooped rice cereal into Finn’s mouth. Messy! Snuggled a little while “burping.”

Double folded two prefolds into Finn’s diaper to prepare for the night’s urine. His little butt was HUGE. Humidifier on. Light off. Sang our song and prayed for Jesus to heal and protect him.

Enjoyed a Horizon Organic chocolate milk with Jersey while watching Seinfeld.

Joey’s home.


5 thoughts on “Superday

  1. FUN! I love weekdays off when you feel like you can get tasky things done! Congrats on your move to the cloth diaper world! If you need any support advice, ask away- we have loved it for 2 years now. And congrats on making it to 4 months of nursing!!

  2. Impressive. Really, really impressive. Maybe your mom’s work ethic will inspire me to scrub our home tomorrow!

  3. Cleaning is brainless and therefore affords me the opportunity to do my best thinking and praying, now ironing is another thing. Ash, thanks for introducing me to clean day candles.

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