The diagonal pink and purple striped leotard made an appearance last night.

Scary, I know. Especially when you pair it with ill-fitting children’s purple sweat pants and a purple belt. I wore this to several 80’s parties in college, and last night I showed up to an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party wearing this travesty. I was Tatjana with a “j,” the Czech gymnast. Joey wore his tight OBU polyester track suit and Finn wore a Baylor basketball jersey.  I’m sorry I did not take a picture of the three of us…no, not really. (Was that not the weirdest opening ceremony ever?)

We’ve had a fun week with friends.

It was a much needed girl’s night out at Cheever’s on Thursday. I laughed…giggled like I haven’t in a very long time. It takes a lot to make me laugh aloud. I wish this weren’t the case–Joey’s family laughs so effortlessly–but it’s tough to get an honest, audible laugh out of me. I was tearing up with hilarity.

Finn loves to laugh too. On his first day of daycare, the ladies told us he has a great sense of humor. I love his expressiveness and his smiles bring us so much joy.

This morning I met my college roommates for brunch at a delicious new restaurant called Flint in Bricktown. We missed you, Janie. And tonight we met some close college friends for dinner on their way home to Houston.

We kind of expected life to end once we had a baby. It’s certainly stinkier, messier, more complicated and more exhausting…but much much fuller.


2 thoughts on “Socialites

  1. I loved Thirsday. You’re a gem, sweet friend! And I can’t wait to hear all about Flint – you’ll have to weigh in whether we should splurge there for a date night. Life certainly changes with kids, but it only gets better.

  2. Hi Ashley,
    Life does get fuller with kids! It’s amazing how much more fun everything is when you look at it through their eyes, like Christmas! Christmas has always been God’s gift to us but wait til you and Joey get the chance to experience Christmas morning with Finn. And birthdays take on a whole new meaning with a son to share it with or to create a special day just for him. You’ll know what makes him happy and it’s so wonderful to create magic moments for him and your whole family. I found I couldn’t wait to take pictures of it! To see the delight on his face and in Joey’s eyes watching it all take place… What a blessing God has given us, children to love and care for. It is life changing in so many ways you could not have imagined until you became a parent. May be the best part of life or at least one of the best.


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