On Par


Finn’s been assessed literally since the moment he was born. I feel like he had little time to be a pure, innocent, swaddled newborn. To just be. Surgeries and scans and tests and tubes and wires and xrays were all too much a part of his existence. This will continue throughout his life, and at times they may become as frequent as they were in the NICU.

Lately Finn’s developmental progress has been under scrutiny. Sooner Start did a full evaluation on his mental and social development last week and today a neurosurgeon came to the house to test him against the pediatric “norm.” Finn’s been entered into an exciting new mobility study…more details on that this weekend…but it involves a skateboard!

The results of developmental testing: Finn is RIGHT WHERE HE SHOULD BE! He’s within the curve, on par, at the norm, standardized. This is epic, people. We were told Finn could be severely mentally handicapped. Now I’m not naive enough to expect no mental issues throughout his life and I know there will be bumps along the way, but as of now, there are no delays! Praise God! We watched him pass these tests with flying colors, doing things before even prompted and our eyes filled with tears. It just means so much more that your child can “transfer a toy” when you’ve been told they never will. That he belly laughs when Joey makes a farting noise and that he mimics my sounds and funny faces for hours until our mouths hurt.

We are grateful today for a sound and social baby.


14 thoughts on “On Par

  1. Glad he just doesn’t mimic Joey’s…..just saying….Fabulous news…even the noises no matter who or what he is mimicing….

  2. this post made my day! praise God for all the good He is doing in little Finn’s life! can’t wait to see you guys again and hear that laugh in person!

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