Team Finn

So I signed up for the Tie-Dye Triathlon this morning, joining Joey and Dustin and several other friends.

I admit this as one who’s taken about four months of convincing. But this morning I ran two miles without my knee hurting for the first time in over five years and it gave me the confidence to think maybe I could finish. That’s the goal: finish. I’ll be doped up on Ibuprofen, but I think it’s possible. If not, I’ll hang up my dream of one day being a seventy-five year old triathlete with ripped muscles.

We thought we’d be more motivated if we ran for something. So we created a Spina Bifida team (Team Finn) and have opened it up to donations. This money is tax-deductible and will go toward the research and services of the Spina Bifida Association. NO pressure to give, but if you feel compelled, see the Sidebar link called “Donate to Team Finn.”

Discussing possible team names…

…Team Finn it is.

Thanks for your support (donation or no donation)!


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