Tomorrow’s Freedom

We were blessed to celebrate Joey’s grandma’s 90th birthday in Tulsa this past weekend. Can you imagine having NINETY years behind you? Wow. That’s a lot of stories to tell. The best part was spending time with family–Nana and Papa A, Leah, Tyler and Ev from Boston, cousins and second cousins and even some family I had never met.

During the two hours we spent in the car there and back, we listened to All Sons and Daughter’s Dawn to Dusk. I can’t get these lyrics out of my head. They keep showing up throughout my day:

Tomorrow’s freedom is today’s surrender. We come before you; lay our burdens down.

Surrender. Burdens down.

Sometimes when we’re around family or friends, especially those with children, fear creeps in–burden. Joey’s parents have this beautiful cedar-plank-ceilinged back room that looks out to their wooded yard. This is where the most fun happens. We were lying around planning next Thanksgiving in Boston and got excited about taking the boys to museums, the library, the aquarium, etc. and instantly I became anxious. How will Finn get around in a city like Boston? How will he keep up? In passing, Joey’s parents mentioned a possible basement in their theoretical retirement home and I envisioned Finn struggling to get up and down the stairs with his cousins. He’ll be left out. My heart raced.

Surrender. Burdens down.

That’s where I’ll find freedom. When I “cast my cares on Him because He cares for me” (1 Peter 5:7). This was one of my favorite verses as a child. I visualized myself fishing with my dad and casting my worries so far out into the lake that a big fish would swallow them up and I couldn’t get them back.

God will swallow up these burdens if I surrender them. Daily surrender and daily freedom.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Freedom

  1. I can so see Finn keeping right up with his cousins. He may go down the stairs on his bottom and crawl back up but he’ll be right there with him. You can just see Finn has spunk, he will be in the thick of things. Thank you for the great pictures and reminding me this morning freedom comes from surrender. I needed that word today. Kiss those precious feet for me.
    Linda Law

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