Our Sooner Start therapist separated the yellow carbon copy from the white and handed me the former. It was Finn’s report card. “Finn still struggles to roll over and sit without assistance.”

Still struggles. Big sigh.

I was in a funk all day. It was true. And it’s okay; not all six month olds can sit or roll over even with the help of legs to provide a strong base. But I just got the sense that this will be one of many, many reports that Finn is behind; failing.

I can’t allow the world’s evaluation of me or my child to have much clout. It can’t define us. Just because I was a better bench-cheerer than second base-woman doesn’t mean I’m not an athlete. And just because Finn can’t sit alone just yet doesn’t mean he’s a failure.

Enjoy his precious attempt in this video. (Turn volume up now.)

Finn sits and falls from Joey Armstrong on Vimeo.


6 thoughts on “Sit.

  1. I’m pretty sure Alex was a late “sitter” too. No worries, Ash! Finn will sit when he is good and ready! And that moment when you catch him sitting…your heart will be filled with joy!

  2. God blessed him with such a sweet temperment and smile. That must bring you joy everytime you see and think of him. Thinking of you daily!

  3. I love it!!! Look at all the things he CAN do and the rest as still learning. All children learn on their own curve, their own pace… as they are all individual. Benchmarks and check reports are made for those that don’t realize this. Keep up the great work of parenting Ashley and Joey!! You two are his first Teachers – don’t EVER forget that!

  4. I love what the previous commenter says….he’s “still learning”. That’s what I’ve always said over the years when I get questions from people, often other children. Looking at his AFO/SMO, they’ll say, “Why does he have those things on his feet/legs?” Or pointing at the gait trainer, “Why does he have that?” My answer is always, “Because he’s still learning!”

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