Listening to Daddy teach in Sunday School

I love listening to my husband lead worship. Not because he has the sweetest, most unique voice or that he plays guitar with finesse and groove, but because I love his heart. He’s genuine.

Finn slept on my lap while the first worship song began. There’s this incredible woman (I’ll call her Pam) who sometimes sits a few rows in front of us. She has lots of children…maybe six…maybe eight, one in jail. I told her once how in awe of her I am. Pam is “working poor” and plays the solitary, brave role of a single mom. At least the man is rarely beside her in the pew. Her children are sweet and ragged and often spill their Mountain Dew on the carpet. This morning I watched two of them stand and sing “Your Grace is Enough.” They didn’t know the words and were too young to read the screen but they mouthed along with us anyway. My eyes welled with tears. Their childlike faith was beautiful.

Sometimes when I pass a t-ball or soccer field, I cry. I can’t help it. I’m not hysterical, I just well up with tears, groan a little then move on. I’m sure I’ll get over it someday when Finn has found other activities he loves; but until then, I may just keep crying at the sight of dusty little boys sliding into home. As I watched Pam and all her kids in church this morning, I thought of this scenario. Finn can’t play soccer because his legs don’t work. Perhaps Pam’s kids can’t play soccer because they don’t have money for cleats or shin guards or a reliable vehicle to transport them to games. Maybe she cries when she passes the fields too.

There are worse disabilities than physical disabilities.

Cycles of poverty, addiction, greed, divorce, crippling fear, unrecognized pride, obesity, unforgiveness…on and on…these things disable us too.

As one wheelchair-bound friend says, “Everyone’s disabled. They just may not know it.” Good thing His grace is enough.


8 thoughts on “Enough

  1. You seriously pull at my heart strings everytime you blog. Its amazing to think of our different thoughts about seeing baseball fields and the emotion it evokes for all of us; mine completely different than yours, but still sad. Gosh I wish we were neighbors!

  2. Well put sweet Ashely, well put. Drew, our 10th grade football player, has a friend named Connor, also a football player who has a compromised immune system. I do not know how many days of school he missed in the 9th grade due to mono, asthma attack after asthma attack. Not even 2 months into this school year and he has already been in and out of the hospital. The boys skype him, pray for him…God uses many people and many situations to show His love to this world. To those who are physically ill, emotionally ill or spiritually ill, the God of all has a plan for you. My 51 year old brother is bi-polar due to a severe head injury he received in a car wreck when he was 16. Oh, then he had a motorcycle wreck @ 20 or 21, another head injury. Has he had an yeasy life? No, he has not. Have we as his family had an easy time dealing w/it and all of the things attached to it? No we have not. We do know this though. We are called His children for a reason. We go and do our daily lives in His name. We sing His praises, we call out His name in the dark times, we fall down on our knees and thank Him in the great times. Our God is an AWESOME GOD!!!

  3. Whatever Finn decides to do on or off the field we’ll be right there cheering him on or wiping the tears when life seems unfair.

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