Pee, Please

Challenges at work and Finn’s impending surgery kept me tossing and turning Thursday night. It was pitch dark when we left the house Friday morning, headed for the operating room at OU Children’s Hospital. When Finn was born, he was unable to stay on his back long enough to get circumcised due to his spinal closure surgery. Once you miss the three week window of time allotted to perform the “clip,” you have to wait until your son is 6-9 months old, and it becomes a slightly more invasive surgery. Spina Bifida also twisted Finn’s penis, so our urologist planned to correct this abnormality as well.

Though he hadn’t eaten since 8:00pm the night before, Finn was alert and happy as usual. Each nurse who made their rounds for surgery prep (and there were many) commented on his infectious joy and the “twinkle in his eye.” This kid is special.

He fell asleep on my lap while we waited; a mommy’s delight.

Our hearts wrenched as the man in scrubs took him away. The sound of ringing monitors and the pungent smell of antibacterial foam were all too familiar and sent us back in time seven months to the NICU. Not fond memories.

Two long hours later, Finn was sent to Recovery while he came out of anesthesia. All went as planned and Finn was “fantastic.” We could go one at a time to visit him. I was first. He was irritable (naturally) and hungry. I rocked him while he guzzled down some apple juice and he quieted while I sang our family songs. Such a brave little man.

Once we returned home, we noticed his diapers were bloody, but not wet. By 8:00pm his tummy was distended and he was in terrible pain. We finally broke down and catheterized him, thankful we had plenty of catheters on hand or we would have had to go to the ER. You can imagine this is not a pleasant procedure anyway but especially not on a raw wee-wee. Cathing continued every three hours through the night and continues presently. The on-call urologist said to give it 3-4 days and if he’s still not peeing on his own, we need to bring him in. Anesthesia can sometimes cause urine retention and with Finn’s already weak-pressure bladder, this is probably the case.

Pray for pee, please.

…Between typing this and publishing it, I gave Finn a bath and removed his bandages. Urine trickled as I toweled off his porcelain skin. He could squirt me in the face for all I care…just pee! Praise God for a wet diaper! Hoping this continues…


8 thoughts on “Pee, Please

  1. From one mother to another my heart aches for you and rejoices with you. In the dark times and in the times of light God has each of us in His hands. I love seeing those pictures of Finn and yes the sparkle in his eyes shines @ me on the computer. He is precious and I can’t wait until I get to meet him face to face. Love the 3 of you very much.

  2. Hospitals and health problems are so humbling. It reminds me of how all things are in God’s hands and sometimes how little control we have over things. I will pray for Finn’s quick healing and comfort today. And my Dad starts chemo and radiation treatments tomorrow, please add him to your prayers for healing and comfort too.
    I take such comfort in your thoughts Ashley, Love to Finn and Joey


  3. You 3 are so dang brave. That kid is a fighter if I’ve ever heard of one, Can’t wait to hear that our prayers are answered and he is whizzing away!

  4. I think it is funny that when we become Mom’s our priorities and important milestones change. Thinking of you and your challenges daily!

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