The Line is Blue

Older moms, did you know they now have disposable diapers with a line down the front that turns blue when the diaper’s wet; stays yellow when it’s dry? Pampers. Genius. Our cloth diapers tell me they’re wet when I notice there’s pee on my leg under Finn’s cushioned hiney.

Quick Finn Update:

Diapers have been getting wetter and wetter since Sunday.

Joey took off work yesterday, not feeling so well and to stay home with Finn. I came home to help while two clients canceled. We’ve been cathing him (draining his bladder via tiny tube) every three hours. Thus, my bloodshot eyes and bags underneath to compliment them. I haven’t been this tired since he was three weeks old.

Little man went to daycare today because we both had busy days we couldn’t rearrange. Joey went after staff meeting to cath him and I went during my lunch break. The ladies at daycare said he’s been as happy as ever. They told me a funny story about how he was in a chair opposite a crying newborn and every time the newborn would throw a fit, Finn would belly laugh hysterically. The newborn finally stopped. And when Joey went to pick him up after work, he found him in a crib a foot away from a screaming baby girl, eyes closed tightly, sucking hard on his paci, trying to block out the madness.

The urologist told us to only cath twice a day now that he is voiding more consistently. We want to leave him alone “down there.” So, thanks for your pee prayers. They are felt.


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