So I started going to BSF, Bible Study Fellowship, several weeks ago. My mom attended this while I was growing up and I remember her shooing Chad and I from the room while she slaved over her homework. I’ve been craving scriptural teaching in my life and thought this would be a good place to find it. It’s been soooo beneficial for me to get back in the Word, flipping from Old to New Testament and then back to Old to cross-reference.

But I’ve got to be honest with you, sometimes BSF is a little “churchy” for me. I know, my husband is a minister. And I love church. But sometimes any church can be stifling with all the rules and unspoken expectations, you know? (Shameless plug for FBC: I think our church does a good job of avoiding this). At BSF, you have to wear a name tag from your car back to your car, and it’s a “fragrance free zone,” and if you didn’t do the lesson, you’re not supposed to talk, and we sing only hymns, and you can’t be late, and I have to leave my Starbucks Misto at the door, and discussion moves quickly, and I heard you had to wear dresses for the longest time, and this morning I was treated a little like a high schooler skipping out on Chemistry because I waited for a friend in the hall. In the Intro class, we were told we will find all the answers to life’s questions in “this Book,” as the leader tapped her Bible. All the answers? I’m still searching, but I’m convinced some questions will go unanswered in this life.

I’m being facetious; mostly, BSF is a blessing. It’s a beautiful congregation of women seeking to know God more and searching His word to do it. I’ve learned A LOT in just the four weeks I’ve attended. And here’s what I learned this morning:

We were studying Genesis 3. After Adam and Eve had sinned in the Garden, they felt ashamed and hid from God. I can relate. And they noticed they were naked, so they tried to cover themselves by sewing fig leaves together. I “googled” them, and they aren’t very big leaves. I’d have at least chosen the palm branch. Anyway, of course this was a temporary fix because the leaves died and crumbled and didn’t cover their nakedness. Don’t we do this? We try to fix our sin by covering it up ourselves. Maybe we work harder or volunteer more or pray longer or give more money. It doesn’t work.

Instead, God had mercy on them–even in their sin–and covered them with “garments of skin.” Leather is durable; it covers nakedness well. One wise friend pointed out that the skin implies death. Something had to die, or be sacrificed, to cover sin. In this case, maybe a cow provided a couple loincloths for the first lady and man. In our case, Christ shed His blood to cover our nakedness. And it worked.


2 thoughts on “Naked

  1. So funny…BSF definitely has its quirks! And to think it has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years! I’m just glad for the chance to see you more regularly, even though it is in brief snippets!

  2. I had to chuckle while reading your comments regarding BSF. I’ve been doing it for 6 years, and remember the first year as being a bit awkward…always afraid I’d ask someone where they went to church, or something else that was taboo. Believe it or not, it has actually lightened up on some of the rules. Even though the rules are tidious, I’ve gotten used to them, and get so much out of the study that I keep pluggin’ on. Each year I think my group next year won’t be as good as the one I’m currently in. But to my surprise, I’ve had great groups each year…all different…but all worth getting to know.

    I have enjoyed your blog for some time now, and appreciate you honesty with the way you are sharing your struggle with Finn. I do pray for you and your family, and will continue to do so.

    Keep blogging…would love to hear your thoughts on BSF lessons too.

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