Verbal affirmation is HUGE for me. I can live on a compliment for a month…honestly. If I know I’m appreciated, valued, respected, admired…I’m good. I have to be careful to “please God, not man” (Galatians 1:10). God was sweet to give me a husband who is wired the same way, so there is no lack of affirmation in the Armstrong household.

I kept my sports trophies, gymnastics medals and my homecoming sash up in my bedroom for years–even until I moved out of the house. I got the “Most Improved” award in high school choir…I’m pretty sure that one was an insult. The “you don’t sound as bad as you once did” award.

This week my friend Megan nominated my blog for the Liebster Award. Liebster’s the German word for “dearest” and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 email followers who deserve a little recognition. Megan’s blog was also nominated. You can find it here: Life With the Dokes.  Megan has birthed four girls in five years. And she’s fit. And generous. And follows Christ with a sincere and sensitive heart. She’s the kind of friend who will text me minutes before Finn’s doctor appointment, but I told her about it a month ago. I don’t know how she finds time to care about others, but she does it well.

Megan’s asked me to answer eleven questions and tell 11 things about myself. So here goes…

1. I would rather be outside.

2. Joey and I read the Twilight and Harry Potter series aloud to each other at Baylor (sorry, babe.).

3. I was on the cover of the Brahman Journal as a nine year old. Fearlessly herding cattle with a sunflower at a ranch in TX.

4. I love the sound of gum chewing.

5. A dirty car makes me feel insane.

6. My ideal workout would be running stadiums.

7. I have a hunting license but used it last in 2001. I hunted so I could hang out with my dad in nature–his favorite setting.

8. The sound of doves cooing reminds me God is near. My friend Christina taught me this.

9. Finn and I play with each others’ fingers while I feed him a bottle and it melts me.

10. Just about every vacation growing up was camping. Even in Disney World we stayed at Camp Mickey. Embarrassed then, proud now.

11. I can’t wait to write on my Pottery Barn dry erase calendar each month. Planning is half of the fun. Probably why I nearly fall apart when plans change.

Megan’s Questions For Me:

1. Why did you begin blogging?

Finn was diagnosed with Spina Bifida at 18 gestational weeks. Though I was heart-broken, I knew I’d have to talk about it eventually. Other moms of kids with disabilities said a blog helped them cope. If you didn’t feel like talking about it one day, you just direct people to your blog instead. I also wanted to inspire people who endure challenges of all kinds to be transparent and hopeful.

2. If you could be an actress in a movie, who would you be?

Hmmm…I would be Keira Knightley’s Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. She’s unconventional, strong and smart but allows herself to fall in love. And I wish I had her British accent.

3. Favorite thing to bake?

Beer bread. It’s easy and delish; great with any fall soup.

4. Favorite movie of all time?

I’m terrible at these types of questions; but I’ll choose Band of Brothers because I love historical films and I could watch it every year (and do).

5. How long have you been married and what’s the best thing about your hubs?

Six and 1/2 years. He is hilarious and loves me JUST as I am. Because of who I am.

6. What was your first job ever?

Worked as receptionist at Julia’s Salon in Bulverde, TX. Free highlights, nails, paraffin wax, and tanning…what more could a fifteen year old want?

7. Last book you read?

Still reading 1,000 Gifts by Voskamp. I’m embarrassed that I’m not finished…it’s just so heavy. But so good.

8. Dream vacation and who would you take?

Tough. Tour Europe with Joey or all-inclusive resort in the Virgin Islands with family and friends.

9. If you could meet a celebrity, who would you meet and what would you ask them?

I’d like to meet Bob Harper and pick his brain regarding personal training success.

10. If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Uh, pizza! No…then I’d become unhealthy and feel terrible. So I choose roasted brussel sprouts.

11. Do you think being a momma has changed your life? How?

Emphatically, yes! I am more concerned with the well-being and happiness of someone other than myself. My capacity to love and advocate for someone has increased exponentially. Finn has changed my life forever.

So now I nominate these blogs for the same award:

Lee Daugherty’s hilarious excerpts from her third grade journal. Words, Words, Words

Erin Kern’s eloquent musings on motherhood, crafting, fashion and everything in between. The Superfluities

Aurelia Pratt’s super-hip fashion and cooking/baking advice. You Frill Me

Molly Shockley’s joyful yet honest journey as a mother of four beautiful adopted children. God Thinks You’re Wonderful

Here are my questions for you, nominees:

1. Why did you begin blogging?

2. Favorite clothing item to wear?

3. Beach or lake?

4. Best meal you ever ate; where and with whom?

5. Biggest inspiration in your life lately?

6. What’s the last book you read?

7. Years married and best thing about your husband?

8. Best childhood Halloween costume?

9. What’s playing on your Pandora?

10. What has most changed your life for the better?

11. Who should read your blog? (Who’s your audience?)

The rules for accepting your nomination:

-Thank me in your next post and provide a link back to my blog.

-Copy and paste Liebster Award emblem into your post

-Answer my questions

-Nominate less than 5 other bloggers with less than 200 email followers


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