I always tear up when we, as a church body, recite the baby dedication pledge. This time, I was the one on stage next to my handsome husband who was holding my baby boy. Nana Deb bought him the cutest three piece outfit and even a pair of tiny moccasins.

As soon as we took the stage, Finn tooted…LOUDLY! Joey and I made eye contact, sure the entire church heard and smelled the homemade broccoli baby food toot our son just emitted. We moved on quickly…I read our chosen dedication verse:

Psalm 91:4  “He will cover you with his feathers; under His wings you will find refuge. His faithful promises will be your shield and armor.”

We began praying this verse over Finn as soon as we found out he had Spina Bifida. It was a beautiful picture to me of the Father “covering” Finn’s exposed spine in utero, protecting his nerves from further damage.

I handed Joey the microphone. Finn grabbed it and mumbled something in babytalk…on cue. I promise we didn’t practice that with him; he loves the spotlight just like his dad.

I love this part of the congregation’s pledge:

“…When he laughs, we will laugh with him. When he cries, we will comfort him. When he asks questions, we will seek truth with him…”

I appreciate that it doesn’t say “When he asks questions, we will give him answers.” I want my church body to help Finn think, struggle and search for truth, not just feed him answers.

We were so thankful to have Nana and Papa Rosell in the pew this morning and blessed that Joey’s Best Man, Rex, could make it too (he’s playing the lead in Richard III in OKC all the way from D.C.). Of course we were sad Nana and Papa Armstrong couldn’t make it, but we felt them with us in spirit. Finn is a lucky guy to have such a loving family and church family.


4 thoughts on “Dedicated

  1. What an amazing church family you have Ashley, Joey and Finn. Finn, you are blessed with such amazing parents, grandparents and extended family. Thanks again for sharing pictures of Finn. I love to see those big blue eyes and sweet smile.

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