Sweet Pea

My little man was a pea pod for Halloween. Pretty sweet, huh?

We went to a Fall Festival at church on Sunday. Joey wore his nasty blonde wig, of course. He said he was a 1978 OBU Cheerleader. I was a Princess…and the pea…get it? Yeah, no one at the festival did either. And I realized I was the only mom who dressed up. Real cool.

Finn loves Ali

A pea, a duck and a lion strolled into a bar…

We were blessed to host about 20 university students in our home tonight. Best costume went to Wilma and Fred–Jay and Hannah. I love having people in my home…it’s tight, and we have to bring out some camping chairs, but I think I like it that way. These students are incredible. Funny, smart and beautiful hearts.

It’s scary how much I love this kid.


10 thoughts on “Sweet Pea

  1. Loved all three of your costumes! That wig….wow. 😉 And I TOTALLY get your princess and the pea concept…that’s what our girls were last year! It takes an English major’s brain, I think. 😉

  2. I love the Princess and the Pea. We used to accuse our youngest daughter of having the Princess and the Pea syndrome. The smallest things would irritate her…like the tag in a shirt (had to cut them all out) and the line on her socks (had to get them just right in her shoes…quite challenging).
    That sweet angel of yours is beautiful. I do like the pic of him looking at Joey with his wig on! Like…you look familiar but not quite right.

  3. Finn is just precious. Seriously, I got to get my hands on this kid! And I get your Princess and the Pea reference. Sounds like everyone else is just lame for not dressing up.

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