Some Thoughts

Sorry I’ve been MIA. Nothing of much significance to say lately.
But today on my half-day off, I thought about a lot of things.

I pondered why, when putting clean dishes away, the silverware is Joey’s least favorite and it’s my favorite. I think it’s because I like everything to have a place and to fit in its designated spot. Sometimes the mugs don’t fit on their shelf and it drives me crazy. Joey thrives in this chaos.

I’m thinking those crunches are making Finn’s abs stronger! We declared the month of November, “Sit Boot Camp.” We decided Finn should be sitting alone (without tipping over and trying to bite his feet) by Thanksgiving, and we’ve been diligent to work with him on it several times daily. He’s a smiley little student, even with a bad cold.

I read an interesting article on Yahoo! News this morning. I admit: I get most of my news from as I’m checking my email. I avoid watching the news on TV; I think it’s oftentimes depressing, slanted and breeds fear. Fear is not of God. So back to this article…a former model descended a friend’s private plane in Dallas only to walk into a spinning propeller. She ended up losing her left eye and hand. After a long road of recovery and rehabilitation, she made this statement, “I came to see how there was so much more to my life than being worried about how I looked.” Heaven forbid it takes losing body parts for me to learn this valuable lesson.

I thought about my incredible husband and how he’s the perfect dad for Finn. He is selfless and upbeat and just what Finn (and I) need. And he brought me a Starbucks Misto to work this morning. I’m spoiled.

I perused many, many Facebook comments regarding the election and its results. Some were intriguing, some made me uncomfortable. I thought a lot about it and decided not to share my thoughts publicly. I think these conversations are best shared amongst friends or family in a home with hot coffee and blankets and dogs napping. Just my opinion.

We opened Monday!

I also thought about how thankful I am to work with Angie and Patrick Dorney. I’ve joined them in opening a new private personal training studio called Next Level Fitness Studio. What a blessing it is when your career coincides with your passion! I feel strongly that our health shapes our perspective on life whether we realize it or not. If we’re insecure in our own skin, we view others as competition. If we can’t do normal human things like jumping and climbing and twisting and getting up off the floor (barring disability, old age or injury), we miss out on a lot of life’s adventures.

Thought I would let you know my Wednesday thoughts. Signing off…


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