2:45am is not the ideal time to make important parenting decisions.

Finn woke every 30-45 minutes last night, crying inconsolably and sounding like he was in pain. He’s had a cold for about two weeks. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday after a sleepless night, thinking he had an ear infection. However, I was told it was just bad congestion and a sore throat. Tough it out, momma.

But last night was too much. We got that gut feeling that something was not right. This screaming, red-faced baby wasn’t our Finn. So we packed up and headed to Children’s Hospital ER, concerned this was a shunt malfunction issue. Many babies with Spina Bifida need a shunt revision within their first year.

The doctors were concerned by the irritability, severe congestion and the turning in of his right eye (this has been happening for about three months…going to the eye doctor Tuesday). They assumed shunt malfunction and sent Finn off for a CT scan, X-rays and virus tests. Finn was naked except for his starry Target brand size 3 diaper…I realized I don’t get to see his bare skin often enough. It’s beautiful. And smells yummy.

A few hours of exhaustive waiting and some warranted crankiness passed. We were prepared for Finn to be admitted and to have a shunt revision by Monday. As we were discussing the unfortunate timing of all this (plans to meet out-of-town friends for breakfast, OU/Baylor game we actually had tickets for, Joey’s staff retreat, and my studio’s preview event), the doctor pulled back the cartooned curtain and said, “CT scan looks perfect. Even better than last time!”

Finn’s brain ventricles have decreased even more (less swelling), and that corpus collosum that was “missing” back in June is most certainly there! MIRACLE. See my Give and Take post for those details. No shunt malfunction.

So they’re treating him for a severe cold and a suspected ear infection. There was too much wax buildup in his tiny ears and they couldn’t see the eardrum to confirm. The sinus pressure in his head may be bothering his shunt, but it’s still working.

He’s been crying all day off and on, but in those moments when he forgets he’s in pain and he flashes his grin we are reminded he’s still our little fighter. Just an exhausted one with pain he can’t communicate.

We made it to lunch with Rex and Lee. Happy baby.

Sad baby.

Thankful today for friends who take good care of us, a properly functioning shunt and doctors who can determine thus. Oh, and a missing brain part is found! Amen!


11 thoughts on “ER

  1. As a mama of a kiddo with 3 shunt revisions in his first year…I clicked on the title of the post with a heart ache for you, *knowing* it was going to be about his shunt. So glad it is functioning perfectly…and that the unneccessary-after-all-CT showed great improvement! God has an amazing ability to send us encouragement in strange ways sometimes 🙂 Go Finn!

      • Same symptoms each time. Vomitting and being very lethargic have been our primary signs. Never really a fever though…since (Praise God) it’s never been accompanied by infection. I would say that he has always been too lethargic to be irritated when the shunt is malfunctioning. He would wake up to vomit, and go back to sleep. Poor baby. We have not wanted to rush off to the ER with every vomitting spell (since there is vomit for many childhood illnesses!), but once the lethargy sets in, we know it’s time to go. But, it’s always better to be on the safe side! Finn is blessed to have you 🙂

      • And…we’ve done the eye doctor thing too…surgery to correct misalignment, patching, glasses, etc….Praying for a good report from the eye doctor today! ❤

  2. How is it that I hardly know you and every time I see your sweet baby, I’m filled with all kinds of emotions?? I guess it’s just a mom thing. 🙂 So glad to hear of a miracle in spite of his sickness. Praying he gets well quickly.

  3. Holy shmoly. This gave me goosebumps all over. God is good with missing brain parts, and God is good with miraculous healing. Praising His name this morning as we realize all the ways He dances over us. Love you two, I mean 3 🙂

  4. Woohoo! So happy that what started as a stressful and scary visit to the ER ended with joyful and affirming news!! Praying for restful sleep for you three this week as you recover from a night in the ER. Love ya’ll!

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