When Daddy Is Gone

…I give in and let Jersey snuggle with me on the couch. Only once. Then I lint roll the warm cushion once it’s time to go to bed.

I get the luxury of parking in the garage.

Finn cried throughout the night(s). Oh, every 30-45 minutes or so. Thought the ER visit was the end of this, but I took him back to the doctor and his ears, temperature, chest, and lungs all looked great. Just a very sore throat from lots of mucus. I think he’d say he’s got a headache too. We’ve ruled out the big stuff (shunt malfunction, flu, viruses, etc), so it’s a little maddening that my child seems like he’s in terrible pain with no explanation. Probably teething too? Praying he gets better very very soon. We need sleep. Please, God, we need sleep. This is one of those many times I regret that family is not near.

Clean fingers make cheap teethers.

I forget to eat dinner.

Friends take such good care of me. I am blessed.

The mailbox overflows with heating and air ads, medical bills and pizza coupons.

I intend to be so productive–clean, craft, wrap Christmas-at-Thanksgiving gifts, create new spin mixes on itunes, make baby food–but somehow I accomplish none of these.

I get to take and pick up Finn from daycare. The second he recognizes me is the best moment of my day.

I realize how much my November-bearded husband completes my day. Thankful he’s home…and he’s officially on night shift starting NOW. 🙂


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