After several red flags this morning and many sporadic ones over the past several weeks, we are finally at Children’s with Finn waiting for the OR. Emergency shunt revision necessary due to enlarged ventricles in CT scan this afternoon.

We were headed into surgery around 8:00 but neurosurgeons were called away to another hospital for apparently something more urgent. Still waiting for our hungry, exhausted, uncomfortable Finn to be rolled into surgery for some relief.

Pray the surgeons are skilled (it won’t be our own).
Pray they find the malfunction quickly so surgery is less invasive.
Pray Finn recovers well.
Pray his bladder does not become paralyzed from anesthesia like it did during circumcision surgery.
It’d be nice to head down to SA for Thanksgiving like we’d all planned. Much needed family time with the Rosells.
Pray we are discerning and calm advocates for our son.





6 thoughts on “OR

  1. Lifting Finn, you and Joey up to our Father who is in control. God, we lift up sweet little Finn up to you and pray for your peace and wisdom. Please guide the surgeons granting them incredible wisdom and understanding of the situation. Please help your precious Finn recover quickly with no set backs. Father, please cover Joey and Ashley with your peace that surpasses all understanding. In your precious Son’s name we pray. Amen.

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