The surgeons found the malfunction in the brain valve part of the shunt…the least complicated and invasive of options. Praise God! The incision looks very big to us, however. He’s on lots of pain meds, no food and only clear liquids. He’s uncomfortable but we’ve seen a couple smiles. He’s also peeing well! Hoping to sleep in our own bed tonight.



6 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Oh no! You are a strong mama! Hope he’s feeling MUCH better now! And, just FYI, after one of Micah’s revisions we were on the road for Christmas travels 2 hours after discharge…so if he’s feeling better, don’t let this keep you home 🙂

  2. Such a sweet angel. He is so fortunate to have you and Joey looking over his well being. Stay strong and try to get some rest. Thinking of you daily.

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