All Better

I can hear my mom saying this phrase to my seven year old self, knees skinned from falling off my bike. Big Bird band-aids and mommy’s kisses make it “all better.”

In Finn’s case, however, it took a couple neurosurgeons and a day of recovery in the hospital to remedy his boo-boos. Apparently Finn’s shunt was malfunctioning for about a month (we’re guessing), but finally broke/malfunctioned on Saturday.

He had an episode (hanging his head back at a 90 degree angle and screaming if we’d move it, eyes couldn’t focus, and going limp) that morning that he never really recovered from. Once we got to the ER Finn’s shunt turned bright red. I guess the CT he had the week before showed no malfunction because it hadn’t completely broken yet. I’m so thankful we listened to our gut and went back to the ER.

Finn is a million times better! We haven’t seen this Finn in over a month. He’s content, happy, energetic and observant. I can’t imagine how fussy I’d be if my head felt like it was going to explode under pressure most hours of the day. Poor little man!

Nana and Papa Armstrong surprised us with a visit!

Finn will have a follow up with our neurosurgeon in a couple weeks. We plan to head to San Antonio for Thanksgiving as long as he continues to feel well. Thank you for all your prayers, messages, texts, food, and cupcakes. 🙂  God is so good.


10 thoughts on “All Better

  1. I happened across your blog shortly after sweet Finn was born and frequently visit on updates and happenings of this little boy. My son Odie was born a few days before Finn and your story has had an everlasting mark on my heart. There are some days I read your posts and fight back these momma tears that swell in my eyes. I can’t relate to your struggles, but I can related to the overflowing love and strength you show for your son. You guys are doing an amazing job and truly are an inspiration to many. So glad to read this update that Finn is doing better and know that there are prayers and thoughts for your family from my little family in NC. Happy holidays!

  2. You folks don’t know me.. I am Barbara Clower, Lundy Prater’s sister, I have been following all of you blogs since Finn was born or before.. I have surely prayed for you and for him. I just had to write today. The pictures even show the answer to our prayers. There is so much joy and relief in that little face. Like he is so thankful that he feels better. I know that also makes you feel better. We will continue to pray for you and little Finn as you raise him for the Glory of the Father.
    Bless you,
    Barbara Clower

  3. Praise God for his goodness in restoring Finn! What an amazing kiddo you two created:) Continued prayers for a restful and joyful Thanksgiving. Love you!

  4. God again shows His love for Finn. Finn has the most adorable smile and I know that you are beyond thrilled to see it again. We love all three of you and hope to see you while you are in SA. What a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be for your family now that Finn is doing well.

  5. Praise Jesus that he knows the ins and outs of this little boy, and that he gave YOU as his parents!! So, SO thankful for mighty mighty Finn!

  6. So happy Finn is recovering well and so sorry he had to go through that. He is such a warrior, smiling brilliantly even just after such an operation. Praise God for healing and we pray for a painless, peaceful Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Julie and Steve Myers and family.

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