Sweet Potatoes and Inside Jokes

Windows are open and the cool hill country air sweeps through my parents’ living room. The wind chime my dad requested as an early Christmas gift jingles behind Finn’s giggling. Chad taught him how to shake his head “no” a couple days ago. Thanks, Brother.

As soon as we walked into my parents’ house Monday night after a loooong trek down I35, we felt at rest. Not only because we have three extra pairs of hands to help us care for Finn and the Jersey dog, but because these people are family. We enjoy each others’ company. We share inside jokes.

It’s been entirely too long since we’ve seen Chad. He is a wise old man stuck in a 25 year old body. He has this “life plan” and decided he’d get in incredible shape this year via body weight training, road cycling and juicing (fruits and veggies, not steroids). So he gave me the week off and played personal trainer. He led Joey and I through a couple morning workouts. Here’s one of his “doozies” (that’s a classic Deb word):

15 clap push ups

15 squats thrusts for me and 15 pull ups on a tree branch for the boys

15 single leg lunges

10 handstand push ups

1 min. 30 sec spiderman planks

1 min. side planks

5 uphill sprints; high knees on the way down

Drink water. Repeat.

More festivities: the boys got massages (not together…weird), I got a heavenly facial (at half-price because the esthetician had to leave four times to go potty), we shopped and spent too much while the parents babysat, we played Settlers–I won!, the boys went to Dave and Busters (Joey won me a bracelet), we celebrated Chad’s 25th birthday (early), we ate a delish Thanksgiving meal of cajun fried turkey, roasted brussel sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes (Finn’s fav), garlic bread, and cranberry stuffing. Tradition is that once we’ve stuffed our faces we discuss what we’re thankful for. Bittersweet answers this year. Tears of pain and hope.

We trade off Christmas and Thanksgiving with our families and celebrate Christmas early at Thanksgiving. This year’s spoils: iPad, BOB jogging stroller, and professional juicer! Whoa. I mean, we are blessed. We also braved Black Friday shopping at 5:30am. Target was a ghost-town thanks to Black Thursday…and not really any good deals either. But World Market made up for Target’s stinginess…buy one get one free–just about everything. Not sure how we’ll get all four of us and our purchases home without suffocating.

Finn has been doing so well. It’s obvious he’s feeling better. Praise God! Still not sleeping well, but we’ll take one blessing at a time. Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving…and every day after.


4 thoughts on “Sweet Potatoes and Inside Jokes

  1. Been too long since I’ve been updated on your site……….so glad Finn is better. Teriribly hard and such a helpless feeling to see your child suffer. John had knee replacement surgery a week ago and we’ve been consumed with his recovering. I hope to get back to work for at least part of the day tomorrow. Sending love and blessings to you from your aunt and uncle! Love you guys!

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