We know Jersey needs a run when she prances into our bedroom and steals a stray sock from Joey’s messy closet. Then she saunters past us until we notice her thievery and dodges underneath our bed, taunting us to come get it from her. Even when we’re tired, we’ll climb on the floor and play along. Jersey is good at making us laugh. She reminds us not to take life too

Finn loves to play too. His favorite games of late are peekaboo, crunches on our lap (he’s his momma’s boy), dropping toys off the edge of his high chair, and smacking his lips. I can’t wait for us to play puzzles and trains and Hungry Hungry Hippos!

I think playtime isn’t just for puppies or babies. Somewhere I’ve heard “marriages that play together (oh, and pray together), stay together.” Every now and then it’s healthy for Joey and I to go do something fun together…and staring at a movie screen without really interacting doesn’t count. We try to do something different; spontaneous. Like rock climbing or mountain biking or trying a new restaurant. And we’re already dreaming about our anniversary trip (in June) to Mexico. Today we went for a jog at Lake Hefner before Finn’s orthopedic

Finn's the only one I know who can have fun in a waiting room...after an hour and a half of waiting...

Finn’s the only one I know who can have fun in a waiting room…after an hour and a half of waiting…

In Slovenia (summer of 2008) we often found ourselves sitting in a tent in the pouring rain. We had exhausted every sudoku, crossword puzzle, played Slovene Uno and read the entire Narnia series. We were so bored that we spent hours making up a card game. Most nights before we fall asleep, we play Othello, bluetooth Nerts, scribble out a crossword puzzle, or most recently, we play Welder on the iPad.

Take it from a black lab named Jersey and go do something fun with the people you


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