Pirate Finn

It’s been a buuuussssyyyyy few weeks. December is always social for us. We’ve had the privilege of catching up with Baylor and OBU buds, attending birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas parties and sharing meals with dear friends.

Finn loved Van and Raymond!

Finn loved Van and Raymond!

Finn loved Clint and Megan!

Finn loved Clint and Megan!

Finn and Navy...silly babies.

Finn and Navy…sweet, silly babies.

We’ve been to six doctor appointments already this month. Last Friday we finally made it to the eye doctor to see why Finn’s right eye has been turning in. He has perfect vision, so no glasses; but the muscle is weak. Doctor said surgery is inevitable but we could try patching the good eye to make the weak one stronger. Only two hours daily, but the adhesive has left a pink ring around Finn’s baby blues. Boo. Joey and I actually decided to just get the surgery over with. We’ve far surpassed our deductible for the year, so we made the decision not to drag our feet and get it done before the end of 2012. It’s scheduled for Monday morning.

photo-158It makes me terribly sad that on Tuesday of next week, my sweet little pirate will have had five major surgeries in nine months of life.

Not fair. Not fun.

Waiting for ultrasound...

Waiting for ultrasound…

Today while I was waiting with Finn on my lap for his urology appointment, I watched several parents struggle to control their children..severely handicapped children. I observed at least six with severe mental/behavioral disabilities. One teenager even shoved her grandpa against the window because she didn’t want to enter the elevator. My eyes welled with tears…I was embarrassed to be crying in such a public place, so I did all I could not to let my tears drop to the vinyl seat beneath me. I looked down at Finn, playing with teething keys and was humbled by how “normal” he is. I quickly shut the door on my pity party and praised Jesus for Finn’s healthy mind.

photo-163Think of Finn as he recovers from an eye surgery over the Christmas break (it’s out-patient and shouldn’t be too invasive). Also pray that we only need one. Many times it requires multiple surgeries.


11 thoughts on “Pirate Finn

  1. Again, look at his sweet smile. I love the last picture where he is sticking his tongue out. I will be praying for Finn’s eye surgery to be successful and for those tears that you cry to be replaced by laughter. I had a nice visit with your dad @ church 2 Sundays again. What a blessing they are to us. Give Finn and big hug and a kiss from me and Bill.

  2. Definitely will pray for Finn, you and Joey to have many blessings to be grateful for this Christmas. I hope Finn recovers quickly and you all can enjoy the holidays. I am on my way to Arizona next week to visit family. Please pray for my Dad as his health is failing. God’s will be done,

    Love you guys,

  3. I have come to love ready your posts. Praying for you guys! We would love to meet Finn and see you guys sometime. We live up by Penn Square Mall so if you are up here, send us a message. I know James would love to see Joey too!

  4. Sending your child into any type of surgery is unnerving. I will try to send positive thoughts your way and will pray that your Christmas is merry and peaceful.
    Love to all!

  5. Hi: I am Martha Reppert, Betty Lou Anderson’s sister…I met you at the wedding..I have faithfully followed your blog and everything about Finn from the very beginning…you two are an inspiration to all. Good luck on this newest surgery

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